Pokemon Go January 2022 Plans Include New Mega Raids, Themed Events

The first month of 2022 is jam-packed for Pokemon Go fans.


Niantic has revealed its January 2022 plans for Pokemon Go, giving players a lot to look forward to as the calendar changes to a new year.

The highlight is the January Community Day featuring Spheal, where the third-generation Pokemon will be featured with more availability, higher chances for a shiny, and exclusive moves for its evolved forms. Along with that, a special Research Breakthrough event will be active for the entire month of January, where Trainers will encounter Onix and receive Mega Steelix Energy once the breakthrough is achieved in game.

Kyurem (left) will kick off the weekly Raid Hour event in January.
Kyurem (left) will kick off the weekly Raid Hour event in January.

Raid Hours will return in January 2022, where every Wednesday in January, a special Raid Hour will highlight a specific five-star Raid Pokemon. The Raid Hour occurs from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, and will feature the following Pokemon:

  • January 5 - Kyurem
  • January 12 - Heatran
  • January 19 - Genesect (holding a Shock Drive)
  • January 26 - Regice

Mega Raids will feature two Mega Pokemon: Mega Abomasnow from January 1 to January 7, followed by the debuting Mega Aerodactyl starting January 7 and running the rest of the month.

Other notable events include 1 PokeCoin item bundles available for purchase every Monday in January, the New Year's event running December 31 to January 4, Mountains of Power running January 7 to January 13, and a Kanto Power Plant event featuring Electric and Steel type Pokemon scheduled for January 19 to January 30. More information wil be made available in the coming weeks.

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