Pokemon Go Heatran Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips

Take some time this week to fire up Pokemon Go for this special five-star raid.


Pokemon Go's latest five-star raid has been revealed, and trainers are going to have a fiery good time for the next week.

Heatran has been named as the latest Pokemon Go five-star raid, beginning today and running until January 14. Heatran's turn as the five-star raid Pokemon comes as part of the game's January 2022 events. This is not Heatran's first rodeo at the top of the raid food chain, first making its debut back in December 2018, but any opportunity to catch a legendary Pokemon is a good one, so if you're going to challenge the raid check out our tips below.

Heatran Raid Schedule

Heatran fires into five-star raids starting January 7 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, remaining there until the same time Friday, January 14. Unfortunately the game does not follow any set schedules with its raid--there's nothing like "hey there's a Heatran here every hour on the hour" as cool as that would be--but the game constantly tells you who's around to raid, so just keep an eye out.

There is one hope for those who need concrete proof of a Heatran appearance though: Pokemon Go's weekly Raid Hour on Wednesday night. This week's Raid Hour--January 12 from 6 PM to 7 PM local time--will feature the Lava Dome Pokemon at nearly every Gym in the game. If you want a guaranteed shot at Heatran, gather your friends and head out Wednesday night.

Heatran Weaknesses And Counters

Heatran's Fire/Steel typing is a strange combination, but it's not short of weaknesses. Ground-type Pokemon are Heatran's PokeAchilles' heel, dealing four times the normal amount of damage to it. As such, Ground-type Pokemon like Excadrill, Groudon, and Landorus's Therian form will work wonders against Heatran, especially if both moves are Ground-type.

If Ground isn't your style, Water- and Fighting-type attacks will deal big damage against Heatran. Blastoise and Gyarados (especially their Mega forms) would make excellent options, as would Machamp and Lucario for top-notch Fighting moves.

Types To Avoid

The one thing to know going into the Heatran raid is its advantages over a wide array of Pokemon types. Heatran is resistant to moves from ten different types, with six of them dealing four times less damage than usual. Remember when we said the Fire/Steel typing was strange? This is where the advantage lies.

As such, make sure to avoid attacks with these types when taking on Heatran. Those listed with "4X" next to them are the ones Heatran is extra effective against.

  • Normal
  • Flying
  • Psychic
  • Dragon
  • Poison (4X)
  • Bug (4X)
  • Steel (4X)
  • Grass (4X)
  • Ice (4X)
  • Fairy (4X)

Once you defeat Heatran and catch one for yourself, take it out for a spin during Pokemon Go's Mountains of Power event, happening now until January 13.

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