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Pokemon Go Has Reportedly Made More Than $440 Million

Pokemon Go has also reached more than 180 million downloads worldwide.


Pokemon Go's number of active daily players may have dropped significantly, but the augmented-reality has still pulled in an impressive amount of money. According to analysis outlet SensorTower, Pokemon Go has pulled in more than $440 million, and it hasn't even reached the two-month mark.

SensorTower notes that this means developer Niantic has made a net revenue of more than $308 million, which is $100 million more than it had on August 5. The outlet also provides a chart that shows Pokemon Go has made more money than movies Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, and The Angry Birds Movie.

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Additionally, Pokemon Go isn't the top-grossing app in some countries anymore, but it still makes more than $4 million in worldwide net revenue every day. On top of all this information, Pokemon Go has yet to release in large markets such as China and India. So far, Pokemon Go has surpassed 180 million downloads worldwide.

SensorTower estimates that the app has been installed on over 12 percent of all active US smartphones at some point. As of August 30, the average time U.S. players spend in the game is 32 minutes, a number the outlet says is "practically unchanged" from its launch week.

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Pokemon Go was downloaded more times in its first week than any other app in history and reportedly made $14 million in the same period. Nintendo benefited from Pokemon Go's success through having its stock prices rise, though when it reiterated that it only owns a 32 percent stake in The Pokemon Company and doesn't have much to do with Pokemon Go, its stock took a hit.

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