Pokemon Go Halloween Event Part 2 Adds Spooky Festival Costumes For Gengar, Vulpix, And More

Five new Pokemon are getting dressed for the occasion.


After revealing the first part of the Pokemon Go Halloween Event last week, Niantic has revealed what players can look forward to in Part 2 of the event.

The Pokemon Go Halloween Event Part II begins October 27 at 10 AM local time, and it will run until November 1 at 10 AM local time. The event will introduce new "Spooky Festival" costumes for five Pokemon: Gengar, Vulpix, Ninetales, Pumpkaboo, and Gourgeist. Gengar will only be available in raids, while the rest of the group will be found in the wild.

The five fresh fits coming to Pokemon Go's Halloween Event in Part 2.
The five fresh fits coming to Pokemon Go's Halloween Event in Part 2.

Costumed variant Pokemon that were released during previous Halloween events will return during Part 2 as well, including Pikachu, Piplup, and Drifblim. Perks and bonuses that began during Part 1 of the event, including special Lavender Town-themed music and extra candy being earned for catching Pokemon, will continue throughout Part 2.

The full slate of encounters and debuts for the Pokemon Go Halloween Event Part 2 is as follows:

  • Spooky Festival Costume Debuts
    • Wild Encounters
      • Gourgeist
      • Ninetales
      • Pumpkaboo
      • Vulpix
    • Raids
      • Gengar (Three-Star)
  • Encounters
    • Wild:
      • Dusclops
      • Golett
      • Haunter
      • Misdreavus
      • Murkrow
      • Phantump
      • Pikachu (costume variant)
      • Piplup (costume variant)
      • Pumpkaboo (costume variant)
      • Sableye
      • Shuppet
      • Spinarak
      • Vulpix (costume variant)
      • Yamask
      • Zubat
    • Raids:
      • One-Star
        • Phantump
        • Purrloin
        • Sableye
        • Yamask
        • Galarian Yamask
      • Three-Star
        • Drapion
        • Drifblim (costume variant)
        • Gengar (costume variant)
        • Umbreon
      • Five-Star
        • Origin Forme Giratina
      • Mega Raids
        • Mega Banette
    • 7 km Eggs:
      • Golett
      • Noibat
      • Phantump
      • Yamask
      • Galarian Yamask
    • Field Research:
      • Duskull
      • Phantump
      • Pikachu (costume variant)
      • Piplup (costume variant)
      • Shuppet
      • Vulpix (costume variant)
      • Yamask
      • Galarian Yamask
      • Mega Energy for Gengar and Absol (earned through completing tasks)

These new features will run concurrently with perks that were previously announced to run through both part of the Halloween event, all of which are below:

  • Special Attack
    • Giratina who are captured in five-star raids throughout the events will know the special Charged Attack Shadow Force.
  • Event Bonuses
    • Candy earned from catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow will be doubled
    • All trainers level 31 and up will receive one guaranteed Candy XL when walking with a buddy Pokemon
    • Pok√©Stops and Gyms will feature holiday-themed decorations
    • A remix of the Lavender Town music will play every night during the event
    • New themed avatar items will be available in the item shop
  • Special Research
    • Trainers can complete a Halloween-themed Special Research quest line featuring Yamask and Galarian Yamask*
  • Timed Research (accessed after purchasing a ticket in the item shop)
    • $1 ticket will feature Timed Research quests centered around encounters with Yamask
    • $5 ticket will feature the Timed Research quests from the $1 tier, as well as increased candy bonuses, additional Halloween-themed quests, and a special avatar item.

Pokemon Go is available now for free on iOS and Android devices. The Halloween event will be immediately followed by a celebration of Dia de Muertos, and it will include special variant Pokemon and extra rewards for players that catch them.

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