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Pokemon Go Halloween Event Begins October 20, Will Be Split Into Two Parts

Grim grinning ghost Pokemon will soon come out to socialize in Go.


Pokemon Go will give trainers a two-course meal of tricks and treats this Halloween season, as Niantic has announced the first details for the two-part Pokemon Halloween event.

Part 1 of the Pokemon Go Halloween event begins October 20 at 10 AM local time, and it will run for exactly one week, ending October 27 at 10 AM local time. Event details include a new Mega Pokemon in Mega Banette, a wild Pokemon pool filled with Ghost- and Dark-type creatures, and a full slate of new raids.

Mega Banette highlights the first part of the Pokemon Go Halloween adventure.
Mega Banette highlights the first part of the Pokemon Go Halloween adventure.

Other bonuses will be available through both parts of the Halloween event, including an increase in candy earned, a special Halloween-themed Special Research quest line, and a creepy remix of the Lavender Town music playing in the game at night.

Part 1 of the Pokemon Go Halloween event will include the following (asterisks indicate Pokemon that have a chance to be a Shiny variant):

  • Pokémon Debuts
    • Mega Banette* (Mega Raid)
    • The Shiny variant of Galarian Yamask
    • The Shiny variant of Noibat
      • Noibat hatched from 7km eggs will have increased Shiny chance
  • Encounters
    • Wild Pokemon:
      • Absol*
      • Drifloon*
      • Dusclops
      • Gastly*
      • Golett
      • Haunter
      • Misdreavus*
      • Murkrow*
      • Phantump
      • Pumpkaboo
      • Sableye*
      • Shuppet*
      • Spinarak*
      • Yamask*
      • Zubat*
    • Raids:
      • One-Star - Phantump, Purrloin, Sableye*, Yamask*, Galarian Yamask*
      • Three-Star - Drapion, Drifblim, Gengar*, Umbreon
      • Five-Star - Altered Forme Giratina*
      • Mega Raids - Mega Banette*
    • 7 km Eggs:
      • Golett
      • Noibat*
      • Phantump
      • Yamask*
      • Galarian Yamask*
    • Field Research:
      • Duskull*
      • Phantump
      • Shuppet*
      • Yamask*
      • Galarian Yamask*
      • Mega Energy for Gengar and Absol (earned through completing tasks)

Details on Part 2 of the event will be revealed at a later date, but Niantic did reveal the perks that will run throughout both parts:

  • Special Attack
    • Giratina who are captured in five-star raids throughout the events will know the special Charged Attack Shadow Force.
  • Event Bonuses
    • Candy earned from catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow will be doubled
    • All trainers level 31 and up will receive one guaranteed Candy XL when walking with a buddy Pokemon
    • PokéStops and Gyms will feature holiday-themed decorations
    • A remix of the Lavender Town music will play every night during the event
    • New themed avatar items will be available in the item shop
  • Special Research
    • Trainers can complete a Halloween-themed Special Research quest line featuring Yamask and Galarian Yamask*
  • Timed Research (accessed after purchasing a ticket in the item shop)
    • $1 ticket will feature Timed Research quests centered around encounters with Yamask
    • $5 ticket will feature the Timed Research quests from the $1 tier, as well as increased candy bonuses, additional Halloween-themed quests, and a special avatar item.

Pokemon Go is available now for free on iOS and Android devices.

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