Pokemon Go Groudon Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, And More Raid Tips

The Gen 3 Legendary has returned to five-star Raids from January 19-26; here are some tips to help you beat and catch it.


Groudon is back in Pokemon Go again for a limited time. The Legendary Ground-type Pokemon has returned to five-star Raids (alongside Kyogre) as part of the game's Hoenn Celebration event, giving you another chance to add it to your collection. If you're looking to capture one before it leaves Raids again, we've rounded up some tips to help you beat and catch Groudon.

Groudon Raid Schedule

Groudon will appear as a five-star Raid boss starting 10 AM local time on January 19, and it'll remain in the game until the same time on January 26. Since Legendary Raids don't follow a set schedule, they'll be occurring periodically throughout the week, but you'll receive a notification within the game when a Raid is about to begin at a nearby Gym.


Your best chance to find a Groudon Raid will come on Wednesday, January 20, during Niantic's weekly Raid Hour event. From 6-7 PM local time that day, most Gyms will be hosting Groudon and Kyogre Raids, making it much easier for you to find and join Raids. As usual, you'll need to have a Raid Pass to participate in a Raid in-person, or a Remote Raid Pass to join one remotely.

How To Catch Shiny Groudon

You'll also have a chance to encounter a Shiny Groudon during the Legendary's encore stint as a Raid boss. However, your odds of finding one are fairly slim, and you won't know if Groudon is Shiny or not until you defeat the Pokemon and make it to the catching phase of the encounter. Your best bet to catch a Shiny Groudon is simply to take part in as many Raids as you can while the Legendary is still in the game.

Groudon Weaknesses And Counters

Despite its fiery appearance, Groudon is a pure Ground-type Pokemon, which makes it weak to Water, Grass, and Ice Pokemon. You can see some recommended Pokemon of each type below:

  • Water: Mega Blastoise, Gyarados, Feraligatr, Swampert, Kyogre, Palkia
  • Grass: Mega Venusaur, Exeggutor, Sceptile, Torterra, Tangrowth, Mega Abomasnow
  • Ice: Weavile, Glaceon, Mamoswine, Galarian Darmanitan, Kyurem

Types To Avoid

As a Ground type, Groudon has an advantage over Rock, Fire, Steel, and Poison Pokemon, so you'll want to avoid bringing along monsters of those types when challenging the Legendary, as they won't last very long if Groudon knows Earthquake or another Ground attack. Be aware that Groudon can also potentially know Solar Beam or Fire Blast, which means it may be able to hit Grass and Water Pokemon super-effectively.

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