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Pokemon Go Getting Alolan Forms Of Gen 1 Pokemon

The first Gen VII monsters are coming to Pokemon Go.


A variety of new Pokemon will soon begin appearing in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic announced that Alolan forms of classic Gen 1 monsters are on the way to the popular mobile game, and they'll begin popping up around the world just in time for summer.

"Whether your forecast calls for rain or shine, we're celebrating all around the world by introducing some special Pokemon from the tropical Alola region to Pokemon Go," Niantic said on the official Pokemon Go website. "Get ready for some of the Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region to appear in their Alolan forms!"

Niantic hasn't announced when players can expect the Alolan forms to debut in Pokemon Go, but the developer says they'll begin appearing in the game "in the coming weeks." Along with the announcement, the developer shared a new promotional image featuring silhouettes of the Alolan Pokemon, which you can take a look at below.

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Alolan forms were first introduced in the series' seventh generation installments, Pokemon Sun and Moon. They are region-specific variants of certain Kanto Pokemon, which sport a much different appearance and elemental type when encountered in the tropical Alola region. 18 Gen 1 Pokemon have Alolan forms; you can see the full list of them, along with their new types, below.

  • Rattata (Dark/Normal)
  • Raticate (Dark/Normal)
  • Raichu (Electric/Psychic)
  • Sandshrew (Ice/Steel)
  • Sandslash (Ice/Steel)
  • Vulpix (Ice)
  • Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)
  • Diglett (Ground/Steel)
  • Dugtrio (Ground/Steel)
  • Meowth (Dark)
  • Persian (Dark)
  • Geodude (Rock/Electric)
  • Graveler (Rock/Electric)
  • Golem (Rock/Electric)
  • Grimer (Poison/Dark)
  • Muk (Poison/Dark)
  • Exeggutor (Grass/Dragon)
  • Marowak (Fire/Ghost)

Up until now, Pokemon Go has only featured monsters taken from the first three generations of the series, meaning that some Gen 7 Pokemon will be arriving before Gen 4 monsters have even been introduced in the game. Niantic hasn't said if any of the new Pokemon from Sun and Moon will likewise begin appearing in Go soon.

On top of the upcoming Alolan forms, Pokemon Go players around the world have a number of real-world events to look forward to this summer as part of Niantic's Summer Tour 2018. That begins next month with a Safari Zone event in Germany, with the second annual Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago following in July. Niantic will also host a special Safari Zone event in Yokosuka later this summer.

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