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Pokemon Go Finally Launches in Japan, PlayStation Exec Already Playing

"Thank you for being patient," Niantic Labs says.


Pokemon Go, the wildly popular mobile game where you catch creatures in the real world, has finally launched in Japan. It's one of the last major markets where the game was not available.

It's also particularly notable because Japan is The Pokemon Company's home country. In a tweet announcing the release, developer Niantic Labs thanked fans for their patience.

According to a previous report, Niantic Labs was holding back Pokemon Go's Japanese release until it was confident the servers would hold up.

Ahead of the game's release, the Japanese government released a flier that outlined nine warnings and pieces of advice that players should be aware of. The government warmed people to be careful of heat stroke and advised against entering dangerous areas in search of Pokemon. The country also said people should not walk while using their phone, maybe to help prevent a situation like the one in California where two men walked off a cliff while playing the game.

Niantic Labs has partnered with fast food giant McDonald's for Pokemon Go. As part of the partnership, reportedly more than 3,000 restaurants will become PokeStops and Gyms.

PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida, who is based in Japan, downloaded Pokemon Go already and even located some PokeStops.

In other news about Pokemon Go, the stars of this week's Star Trek Beyond recently spoke out against the game, calling it "upsetting" and "bizarre." Additionally, people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are walking way too close to minefields in search of Pokemon.

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