Pokemon Go February 2022 Plans Include The Next Pokemon Go Tour And Deoxys's Return

February is a busy month for Pokemon Go fans, with new raids, new shinies, and more.


Niantic has revealed its February 2022 plans for Pokemon Go, including a major event happening during the final week of the month.

The highlight is Pokemon Go Tour: Johto, a massive 12-hour event beginning February 26 from 9 AM to 9 PM local time. The event will be free for all players, but an extra ticketed event--centered on Pokemon Gold and Silver, depending on the player's choice--can also be purchased. The event will feature unique music centered around the Johto region, new shinies, unique Pokemon hatching from eggs, and special Timed Research tasks that will lead to encounters with legendary Pokemon.

Raid Hours will also continue in February, as every Wednesday a special Raid Hour will highlight a specific five-star Raid Pokemon. The Raid Hour occurs from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, and will feature the following Pokemon:

  • February 2 - Regirock
  • February 9 - Registeel
  • February 16 - Deoxys (Normal Forme)
  • February 23 - Deoxys (Defense Forme)
Deoxys returns via five-star Raids in all Forms beginning February 16.
Deoxys returns via five-star Raids in all Forms beginning February 16.

Speaking of Deoxys, all four forms of the legendary Pokemon will be returning to five-star Raids in the second half of February, with each form being highlighted a few days at a time. The schedule of Deoxys raids looks like this:

  • Normal Forme (February 16-19)
  • Attack Forme (February 19-22)
  • Defense Forme (February 22-25)
  • Speed Forme (February 25-March 10)

Other notable events include a Lunar New Year-themed week February 1-7, a Valentine’s Day special February 10-14, February's Community Day featuring Hoppip on February 12, and an event leading up to Pokemon Go Tour Johto from February 19-25. Other February perks will include more XL Candies and double the experience points for hatching eggs, as well as the first ever appearances of Shiny Espurr and Shiny Deoxys (all Formes).

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