Pokemon Go Entei Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, And More Tips

The Legendary Fire Pokemon is returning to Raids from January 26-31; here are some tips to help you beat and catch Entei.


Entei is back in Pokemon Go for a limited time. To coincide with the Johto Celebration event, the Legendary Fire Pokemon is appearing in five-star Raids once again from January 26-31. If you're looking to add the Legendary to your collection, here are some tips to help you beat and catch Entei before it leaves the game again.

Entei Raid Schedule

Entei will return to five-star Raid Battles starting at 10 AM local time on January 26, and it'll be available until the same time on January 31, giving you only a few days to catch it. Since Raids don't follow a set schedule, these battles can occur at any point during the day, but you'll receive a notification within the game before a Raid begins at a nearby Gym.


To participate in an Entei Raid, you'll need to have either a Raid Pass (to join in-person) or a Remote Raid Pass (to join remotely). Both can be purchased through Pokemon Go's in-game shop. You can also receive one free Raid Pass by spinning the Photo Disc at a Gym, but you can only hold one of these free passes at a time.

Entei Weaknesses And Counters

Entei is a pure Fire-type Pokemon, which makes it weak to Water, Rock, and Ground Pokemon, so you'll want to pack your team with monsters of those types when challenging it. Rock Pokemon in particular will be very helpful as they resist Fire-type attacks, helping them last a little longer in battle. You can see some great recommendations below:

  • Water: Mega Blastoise, Gyarados, Feraligatr, Suicune, Swampert, Kyogre, Palkia
  • Rock: Golem, Omastar, Tyranitar, Regirock, Rhyperior, Rampardos, Terrakion
  • Ground: Groudon, Garchomp, Hippowdon, Krookodile, Golurk, Landorus

Types To Avoid

As a Fire-type, Entei deals super-effective damage to Grass, Bug, Steel, and Ice Pokemon, so you'll want to avoid having any of those types on your team when battling it, as they'll get knocked out fairly quickly.

Legendary Dog Raids

Entei isn't the only Legendary returning to the game. Niantic is also bringing the other two Legendary beasts, Raikou and Suicune, back to five-star Raids over the next few weeks. You can see when each one is scheduled to appear in Raids below:

  • Entei: January 26-31
  • Raikou: January 31 - February 4
  • Suicune: February 4-9

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