Pokémon Go Details Plans For Its June Community Day

The Deino-themed event is on Saturday, June 25.


Once again, Pokémon Go is promoting official meets ups, where trainers can raid, catch, and hang out together, earning special bonuses along the way. The next community day is on Saturday, June 25, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM local time. Trainers participating in community days have the opportunity to catch Deino, “the irate Pokémon,” who will appear more often in the wild. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to any official in-person event. As long as you are catching Pokémon on June 25, you’ll benefit from the increased drop rate and other features of the community day.

Other features of the event include reduced cost for trading Pokémon, 1/4 Hatch distance for incubating eggs, 2x Candy for catching Pokémon, incense and lure models lasting 3 hours, and more. After the 3 hours of community day, trainers can battle in unique four star raids from 2 PM to 7 PM local time. Victory in a raid will ensure even more Deino drops around the raided Gym.

You can check out the map on the Pokémon Go blog to see if there is an in-person meet up in your city. You can also see what locations will offer extra items from spinning Pokéstops. The Pokémon Go team urges people to remain safe and emphasizes that the events are COVID-19 protocol compliant. Be sure to wear a mask while you are out and stay home if you are feeling sick.

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