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Pokemon Go December 2020 Events: Holiday 2020 Event, Galarian Mr. Mime, And More

December is officially underway, and here are some of the events and activities happening in Pokemon Go this month.


Pokemon Go's Go Beyond update has arrived, ushering in some major changes to the Pokemon mobile game. Not only has developer Niantic increased players' level cap to 50, it has also introduced seasons and the first Gen 6 Pokemon to the title, including Espurr and Mega Abomasnow--both of which will be appearing in Raid Battles this month.

That's not all that's happening in the game, however. Niantic is holding a variety of events in Pokemon Go in December 2020, including new Spotlight Hours, a Kalos Celebration, a two-day Community Day weekend, and more. You can take a look at all of Pokemon Go's biggest December 2020 events below.

December Research Breakthrough Encounter: Lapras Or Darumaka

Niantic is offering a new batch of Field Research tasks and rewards starting December 1, along with a new Research Breakthrough encounter. This time around, achieving a Research Breakthrough will lead to an encounter with one of two possible Pokemon: Lapras or Unovan Darumaka. You'll also earn bonus XP for catching either Pokemon.

Kyurem And Mega Abomasnow Raids

Starting December 1 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, the Legendary Ice/Dragon Pokemon Kyurem is returning to the game. You'll be able to encounter the Pokemon in five-star Raids all month long, until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on January 1. In addition, Mega Blastoise is leaving Mega Raids starting December 1, and it will be replaced by the debuting Mega Abomasnow.

Pokemon Spotlight Hours

Every Tuesday evening in December, Niantic will spotlight one specific Pokemon and bonus for one hour. These spotlight events will all run from 6-7 PM local time. You can see the full schedule below:

DateSpotlight PokemonSpecial Bonus
December 1Seel2x evolution XP
December 8Swinub2x catch Stardust
December 15Explorer Pikachu2x catch Candy
December 22Snorunt2x transfer Candy
December 29Snover2x evolution XP

Double Catch XP Bonus

Pokemon Go's big Go Beyond update is increasing the game's level cap to 50, and to help players hit the current level cap, Niantic is currently doling out double the usual amount of XP for capturing Pokemon. The bonus will remain active through the entire month, ending at 11:59 PM local time on December 31.

Kalos Celebration

Niantic is commemorating the arrival of Pokemon Go's first Gen 6 Pokemon with a week-long Kalos Celebration. From December 2-8, Gen 6 Pokemon such as Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, and others will appear in the wild and hatch from eggs. On top of that, certain Gen 6 Pokemon such as the Psychic type Espurr will appear as Raid bosses, and there will be event-exclusive Field Research and Timed Research tasks to complete. The Kalos Celebration event runs until 10 PM local time on December 8.

December 2020 Community Days

December 2020's Community Day event will be a two-day affair, taking place on December 12 and 13. Throughout that weekend, every featured Pokemon from previous Community Days this year will appear in the wild and in Raids once again, giving you another chance to capture them and learn their special event-exclusive moves. Additional details about the Community Day weekend will be announced soon.

Shiny Celebi Event

Shiny Celebi with Team Rocket
Shiny Celebi with Team Rocket

To celebrate the upcoming Western release of the latest Pokemon animated film, Secrets of the Jungle, Niantic is introducing Shiny Celebi to the game this month. Beginning December 14, you'll be able to take on a new Special Research questline that will culminate in an encounter with the Shiny Mythical Pokemon.

Team Rocket's Jessie and James will also return to the game as part of the event; not only will the duo lead you through the new Special Research instead of Professor Willow, they'll also show up in their signature Meowth balloon with some new Shadow Pokemon in tow.

Finally, other Pokemon featured in Secrets of the Jungle will appear in the wild more frequently throughout the event. Hoothoot, Nuzleaf, Drilbur, Cottonee, and Dwebble will all be available in the wild, while Lickitung, Mawile, Flygon, Rufflet, and Shiny Rufflet will appear in Raids.

Galarian Mr. Mime Event

Galarian Mr. Mime
Galarian Mr. Mime

Galarian Mr. Mime and its evolved form, Mr. Rime, are both making their Pokemon Go debut this month as part of a ticketed Special Research event running from December 19-20. Those who purchase an $8 ticket for the event will get access to an exclusive Special Research questline that will lead to an encounter with Galarian Mr. Mime and other Ice Pokemon. Even if you don't have a ticket, you'll still have more chances to catch Ice-type and sound-based monsters--including Shiny Cubchoo--from December 18-21.

Holiday 2020 Event

Pokemon Go's annual holiday event returns from December 22-31. Throughout that time, Ice-type Pokemon like Snover, Snorunt, and the debuting Vanillite will appear in the wild and hatch from 5 km eggs more frequently than normal. A variety of Ice Pokemon will also appear as Raid bosses throughout the event, including Alolan Sandshrew and Shiny Jynx.

In addition to increased Pokemon spawns, Niantic will offer various bonuses during this year's holiday celebration. Throughout the entire event, you'll be able to carry 40 gifts at a time and open up to 45 gifts each day. The following bonuses will also be available on specific days:

  • December 22-23 -- 2x Raid XP
  • December 24-25 -- 2x catch Candy
  • December 26-27 -- 2x Star Piece duration
  • December 28-29 -- 2x Lucky Egg duration
  • December 30-31 -- 2x catch Stardust

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