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Pokemon Go Community Day January 2022 Is All About Spheal

The seal Pokemon not named Seel gets the spotlight for 2022's first Community Day.


The January 2022 Pokemon Go Community Day has been unveiled, and a cold wintry month will fittingly highlight an Ice-type Pokemon.

Spheal--the Clap Pokemon that debuted in the Hoenn region from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire--will be the featured Pokemon for the next Pokemon Go Community Day, currently scheduled for January 16 from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. As with previous Community Days, the featured Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild and see an increased chance of a shiny version.

Players who evolve Sealeo--Spheal's first evolution--to Walrein during the designated event time will see the new Pokemon learn a new Charged move making its Pokemon Go debut, Icicle Spear. The Walrein will also know the Fast move Powder Snow.

The January Community Day will also include the following perks:

  • Event Bonuses including triple XP for catching a Pokemon and Incense/Lure Modules lasting 3 hours
  • Tickets for a Special Research called "The Spheal Deal" will be available for $1.00 USD
  • A free Community Day box featuring 30 Ultra Balls
  • A one-time Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins featuring:
    • 50 Ultra Balls
    • 5 Super Incubators
    • 5 Lucky Eggs
    • Elite Fast TM

Pokemon Go is currently running Part 1 of another winter-themed event, the Winter Holiday, which introduces the new Postcard Book for sharing postcards when giving in-game Gifts to friends. Special holiday-themed Pokemon are also available to catch, including Delibird, Cubchoo, Pikachu, and Spheal.

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