Pokemon Go Community Day Events Are Happening Around The World On May 21

Pokemon Go is steadily introducing more in-person events and the next big one is Community Day happening all over the world on May 21.


Pokemon Go is starting to stretch its legs and get back into the world. A handful of Pokemon Go Fests are happening in July, but ahead of those events, Niantic has announced that Community Day will be happening around the world on May 21.

Why a tropical Alolan Geodude is on top of a snowy mountain is unclear.
Why a tropical Alolan Geodude is on top of a snowy mountain is unclear.

On May 21, between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM in your local time, you can meet with other Pokemon Go players and representatives from developer Niantic to receive additional in-game items from your PokeStop spins, as well as physical swag you can appreciate in the real world. Alolan Geodude will also appear prominently at these events and there is a chance you will be able to catch a shiny one. You can check the Community Day map to see if the event will be happening near you.

You can learn more about Pokemon Go's various upcoming events by reading about Pokemon Go Fest Berlin and more Go Fest events by following the links. And of course, there is more in store for Pokemon on the mainline side of things. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are both coming to Switch this year. Here is every Pokemon currently confirmed for that entry.

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