Pokemon Go Cobalion Guide: Raids, Weaknesses, Best Counters

The Legendary Gen 5 Pokemon is back in Raid Battles for a limited time; here are some tips to help you battle and catch it.


Cobalion is back in Pokemon Go for a limited time. The Legendary Iron Will Pokemon has returned to the game as part of a special Raid event, which has been extended to run from March 17-23.

This marks Cobalion's second appearance in Pokemon Go, but even if you've previously caught one, there's a good incentive to get another this week. Not only does the Legendary Pokemon now know a special event-exclusive move--Sacred Sword--but you'll also have a chance to encounter its Shiny form.

Like other Legendaries, Cobalion is a formidable Pokemon to battle, so you'll need a good team and some aid from other players to take it down. To help you out, we've rounded up some tips on how to battle and catch Cobalion below.

How To Find Cobalion

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Cobalion will appear in five-star Raids until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on March 23, making this the easiest way to encounter it. Raids can occur at any time, but you'll receive an in-game notification when one is about to begin nearby, so you shouldn't have much trouble tracking the Legendary Pokemon down.

Once you find a Gym that's hosting a Cobalion Raid, you'll need to redeem a Raid Pass to participate in the battle. You can get one of these for free when you spin the Photo Disc at a Gym, but you can only hold one free pass at a time. You can also purchase them through Pokemon Go's in-game store for 100 coins.

There's a second way you can encounter Cobalion in Pokemon Go. Like Thundurus, Cobalion is featured as a reward in the Go Battle League PvP mode. Defeat enough players in online battles and you'll earn a chance to capture Cobalion outside of Raids. However, the Iron Will Pokemon will only be available as a Go Battle League reward until March 23--the same time it leaves Raids.

Cobalion Weaknesses And Counters

Cobalion is a dual Steel/Fighting Pokemon. Thanks to this unique typing, Psychic, Flying, and Fairy Pokemon (which normally have an advantage over Fighting types) only deal neutral damage to Cobalion. However, its part Steel typing makes Cobalion vulnerable to Ground, Fire, and other Fighting Pokemon, so you'll want to stack your team with those when you face it.

Other Legendary Pokemon like Groundon will be especially helpful, but if you don't have one of those, Garchomp, Hippowdon and Mamoswine are good alternatives; the latter, however, also takes super-effective damage from Cobalion, so keep that in mind. Entei is one of your best bets when it comes to Fire Pokemon, although Chandelure and Moltres are also good choices, and you can round out your team with Fighting types like Machamp, Hariyama, and Heracross.

As previously mentioned, you'll want to avoid using Fairy types, as they take super-effective damage from Steel moves. Ice, Rock, and Normal Pokemon are also poor choices, as all those types are susceptible to Cobalion's Sacred Sword.

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