Pokemon Go Bug Makes It Harder to Catch Pokemon; Dev Working on Fix

The Pokemon Go bug affected throw accuracy, odds of escape, and XP gained.


If you've played Pokemon Go recently and noticed that it's harder to catch even the lowest level of Pokemon, then you can rest at ease knowing you aren't going crazy. Niantic confirmed that the increased difficulty is a bug, adding that a fix is on the way.

"Trainers, a new bug affecting throw accuracy increases the odds of escape and omits the XP bonus," Niantic tweeted. "We are working on a fix, stay tuned."

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This news comes after many fans believed Niantic increased the difficulty in the latest update on purpose. It's not the only thing about the game's latest update that's outraged fans, either. Niantic has been under fire since it removed a broken tracking feature and shut down third-party sites like PokeVision. Some, including GameSpot's Alexa Ray Corriea, believe that Pokemon Go is broken without tracking.

Niantic has responded to the outrage behind both the broken tracking feature's removal and the site shutdowns. Niantic says it removed the feature because it wanted to "improve the underlying design." The third-party sites were rendered useless in order for Niantic to free up resources that help them keep the game stable, prepare new countries for launch, and develop new features.

Additionally, some Legendary Pokemon recently found their way into the game. This wasn't supposed to happen, and Niantic has since "rectified" the situation by removing them from the trainer's accounts in the name of "fairness."

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