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Pokemon Go Brings Legendary Pokemon Heatran Back To Raids

The Legendary Lava Dome Pokemon will appear as a five-star Raid boss again starting August 21.


Genesect has left Raids in Pokemon Go, but another Legendary Pokemon has taken its place. Heatran, the Lava Dome Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl, is now appearing in Raid Battles again for a limited time, making this your first chance to catch one since this past January.

Heatran will be featured as a five-star Raid boss until September 10, giving you a few weeks to add one to your collection. As a Fire/Steel type, Heatran is particularly weak to Ground Pokemon, so you'll want to stack your team with those (as well as some Water and Fighting types) before challenging it. You can read more about Heatran's return on the Pokemon Go website.

That's not all that's happening in Pokemon Go this week; Niantic recently announced it will also hold another makeup event in the game. From August 21-26, players will be able to complete new Timed Research tasks, giving them another opportunity to unlock the rewards that were offered during the recent Dragon Week event.

On top of that, Niantic held a poll to determine the next two Community Day Pokemon this past weekend. Players were able to cast a vote for one of four Pokemon--Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer, or Porygon--on August 22, and the Pokemon with the most votes will be featured during September's Community Day, while the runner-up will be featured during October's. The results have now been tallied, and the winning pocket monsters are Porygon and Charmander.

There are only a few days remaining in August, which means time is running out to complete Pokemon Go's August Field Research. This month's tasks revolve primarily around Fighting Pokemon, giving you a chance to catch monsters like Meditite, Makuhita, and Machop. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you'll also earn an encounter with the Dark/Fighting Pokemon Scraggy.

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