Pokemon Go Bringing Moltres Back If Players Complete This Week's Global Challenge

You'll have another chance to catch the Legendary bird.

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Pokemon Go's Summer Tour 2018 concludes later this week with one final stop in Yokosuka, Japan. Even if you can't attend in-person, Niantic will run a series of Global Challenges during the event that give players around the world a chance to help unlock rewards, including another encounter with the Legendary Pokemon Moltres.

The Safari Zone Yokosuka event takes place this weekend, on September 1 and 2. All throughout, there will be Global Challenges for each region of the world to complete. If the regions are able to meet their requirements, then Niantic will unlock limited-time bonuses in the game, such as extra Stardust for capturing and hatching Pokemon.

If all regions are able to complete the Global Challenge, they'll unlock the biggest reward of all: another chance to capture Moltres. The Legendary bird will return to Raid Battles for a three-hour window of time on September 8. This time, Moltres will know the powerful Flying-type move Sky Attack, and you'll even have a chance to find a Shiny version of the Legendary.

You can read more details about Moltres Day on the official Pokemon Go website. Moltres isn't the only Legendary returning in September; Entei will also be available again next month. Players who achieve a Research Breakthrough in September will earn another chance to capture the Legendary Fire-type. Meanwhile, the last of the Legendary titan trio, Regirock, is scheduled to appear in Raid Battles until September 20.

Shortly after Regirock leaves the game, Niantic will host the next Pokemon Go Community Day event. That takes place on Saturday, September 22, and features one of the starter Pokemon from Gold and Silver, Chikorita.

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