Pokemon Go Becomes Most Popular Mobile Game in US History - Report

Plus, it's closing in on Snapchat and Google Maps on Android.


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Pokemon Go is already a massive hit, and now it can claim the title of most popular mobile game in United States history. According to new data from SurveyMonkey, Pokemon Go reached just under 21 million daily active users this week, beating out Candy Crush's previous record of 20 million.

An important thing to note is that Candy Crush had 93 million total daily active users at its peak on a global basis, but this report is for the US only. Pokemon Go is not available everywhere yet--it was only just released in the UK today.

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The SurveyMonkey data also posits that, if current growth rates continue (on Android), Pokemon Go is poised to pass Snapchat "within a couple of days." Additionally, Pokemon Go might be able to overtake Google's own Google Maps, which would be quite an achievement.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, despite the huge amount of hype around Pokemon Go, there is no guarantee that it will continue to perform.

"History hasn't always been kind to games that generate tremendous hype," it reported. "Back in 2012, Draw Something consumed the public consciousness for a few weeks before its user numbers dropped like a stone. Nintendo's last mobile game, Miitomo, met a similar fate, finding early success that was ultimately unsustainable."

Pokemon Go was not made by Nintendo, but instead Niantic Labs. The Google spinoff produced the title in collaboration with The Pokemon Company, which is partly owned by Nintendo. This may explain why Nintendo's share price soared after the game's release.

The game is free, but players can spend real money on microtransactions. According to a recent report, the game has already brought in more than $14 million. Additionally, sponsored locations, including possibly McDonald's, are coming to the game.

Pokemon Go--which challenges players to catch Pokemon in the real world and also helps sell pizza--launched last week and has become a phenomenon on a level that Niantic might not have even imagined.

Recently, it was reported that in wake of the game's huge success, Hollywood studios are scrambling to sign a deal for the Pokemon movie rights. In other news, two US Marines who were playing Pokemon Go helped catch an attempted murder suspect this week in California. Additionally, authorities in New York said Pokemon Go was partly to blame for a horrible-looking car crash.

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Ultimately, I think sponsored locations will HURT the longevity of this game and accelerate its decline.

As usual, most people will disagree with me until it happens. When the game does fall in popularity, people will blame a myriad of other factors. Ultimately, people are tired of being SOLD something and instead want the opportunity to BUY something.

I like landmarks and small businesses being at or near Pokestops as if by chance. That's part of what makes the game special. Personally, I find the game shallow and repetitive, but I also find what it does with augmented reality and massive players as nothing short of amazing. That's why I love this game.

Some would call Ingress the first geo-location based augmented reality game. I disagree simply because it didn't have the numbers of players to make it "simply work" wherever you go. Ingress was a prototype. Pokemon Go is a shared hallucination, a movement, and a true revolution in augmented reality.

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As much as I don't want to think it. I too believe it will die off within 3 months. They need to find a way to keep it entertaining beyond just catching the Pokemon. Gym battles are completely broken and unfair right now. They favor the attacker in every way. Impossible to hold onto gyms for 24 hours. But beyond fixing that they need to develop ways to keep the average person playing.

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wow... who cares except nintendo. fact is this will fall off by about 60% by year end

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"Swimming in the money, we are swimming in the money" - Nintendo

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Good king and candy crush are greedy bastards with their unoriginal game.

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A government plot to thin the herd leaving only the strong to survive.

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This just shows the power of Nintendo's 1st and 2nd party franchises. It's the reason Mario Kart 8 has the highest attach rate (around 60% or so last time I checked) of ANY game of this console cycle, even though Wii U sales are so bleak. It's the same reason Nintendo can bring basically only ONE GAME to E3 (Zelda: Breath of the Wild) and dominate the Best of Show awards.

Pokemon is arguably Nintendo's most popular, world-wide recognized brand. However for a lot of adults, maybe they used to play the series, but no longer own a Nintendo portable system to play them on or they feel they've outgrown it or whatever. But EVERYONE has a smartphone, so marrying Pokemon (which is right up there in terms of popularity with CoD and GTA) with the world's best-selling mobile device (the smartphone) is almost a no-brainer. And being that it's free (at least to start), makes it very tempting for those "lapsed" Pokemon players to give it a GO... Nintendo needs to put ads in their smartphone apps for upcoming games on their console and portable systems. The most obvious would be Pokemon Sun and Moon for starters.

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--ive been gaming 30 years
--i remember back when pokemon took over the first time
--my little cousin(and kids his age) were all "POKEMON POKEMON"
--i never liked pokemon
--back then it seemed like a 'step backwards' in hardcore gaming to me
--seems to be nintendo's MO sometimes(like this app's popularity will be IMO)

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I don't think this is a valid statistic. Considering the popularity of Pokemon and, Pokemon Go being the first Pokemon game for mobiles, people around the world have been downloading the game (there's a way around the Google and Apple stores).

I'm not saying the game is not that popular in USA, but if you take the few numbers that belong to people outside the USA, I don't think the game would actually surpass Candy Crush.

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Not surprising. Its easy, hits you right in the "nostalgias" to a demographic that generally works for a living now. So while walking to lunch pull out your phone and catch a Charmander. Time to go for your morning run, why not catch that caterpie hanging out by the park? It's a perfect storm of easy, convenience, and nostalgia.

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Reading all of these articles about pokemone go on my windows phone =(

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@Pr0ving4Gr0undz: YUCK.... windows phone. get a cheap android phone for your health

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At least half of my friends on Facebook are playing it and posting things about it. It's crazy.

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Gotta admit, I didn't see that one coming. Sure, it's Pokémon, so it was gonna do fine by default, but outdoing that Candy Crush thing as the most popular mobile game in US history? That's a feat I didn't expect alright. But then again, this is a platform known for games such as Flappy Birds, so what am I supposed to expect?

Also, did Draw Something really get that big? I remember playing it back in 2008 when it was called "Draw My Thing", on a site called "i'm in like with you" (which then became known as OMGPOP). I had heard that OMGPOP had been bought by Zynga and that there was a renamed version of the game on facebook/mobile, but I didn't realize it got that popular.

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alot of people need to note that this game hits the nostalgia bug for many people, the age range really fits into anyone aged 11 to nearly 45 odd. this is because of the 20 years of games, anime, comics, toys, card games and all other manner of items that people love. its in no way a kids thing as it hit's 2 generations of people and if anything isn't targeting kids but everyone who has a smart phone.