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Pokemon Go: April Community Day Date, Featured Pokemon Announced

Next month's event is set for April 13.


April is officially underway, which means Pokemon Go players have a new Community Day to look forward to soon. Niantic has shared the first details for this month's event, which is scheduled to return around the world on Saturday, April 13. And this time around, it'll feature a rare Dragon Pokemon: Bagon.

All throughout the Community Day, Bagon will appear in the wild in greater numbers than it normally does, making it much easier to add some to your collection. Considering that Niantic typically introduces the Shiny form of that month's featured Pokemon during each Community Day, you'll also presumably have your first chance to catch a Shiny Bagon during this month's event.

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Bagon is the base form of the powerful Dragon/Flying Pokemon Salamence, so you'll want to catch as many as you can during April's Community Day. If you manage to evolve any into Salamence up to an hour after the event ends, it will also learn an exclusive move, although Niantic hasn't revealed what that will be just yet.

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Like March's Community Day, April's event will take place from 3-6 PM local time, rather than the usual schedule it followed. As an added incentive to participate, Niantic is also offering triple the usual amount of XP for capturing Pokemon. You can read more details about the event on the official Pokemon website.

That isn't the only event happening in Pokemon Go next month. From April 2-9, Niantic is also holding a Bug Out event. During that period, Bug Pokemon will appear more frequently than normal, and Incenses will last twice as long. You'll also be able to find special limited-time Field Research tasks revolving around Bug Pokemon from Poke Stops.

In the meantime, the Gen 4 Legendary Giratina is set to return to Raids beginning March 28. It will initially appear in its standard Altered Forme until April 2, when it'll transform into its Origine Forme. A new Limited Research event is also scheduled for March 30. During that, you'll find special Field Research tasks focusing on Lotad, and you'll even have your first opportunity to catch Shiny versions of Lotad and Castform.

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