Pokemon Go Adds New Pokemon And Research Quests

The rare Spinda is the reward for one of August's new Field Research tasks.

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August has arrived, and with it comes a new set of Field Research tasks to complete in Pokemon Go. As Niantic previously revealed, this month's selection of challenges revolve around Electric-type Pokemon and ultimately lead to another encounter with Raikou, but that isn't the only rare Pokemon players can acquire through the quests.

Along with the Field Research tasks, Niantic has introduced a new Pokemon to the game: Spinda. The Spot Panda Pokemon originally debuted in the series' third-generation installments, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and is notable for having more than four billion possible fur patterns. However, it was one of the small handful of monsters who were skipped over when Niantic began introducing Gen 3 Pokemon to Go, making this the first chance players have to add one to their collection.

At the moment, Spinda can't be found in the wild; rather, it's the reward for one of this month's Field Research challenges, meaning you'll first need to find and complete the task in order to get your hands on the Pokemon. The challenge in question tasks players with throwing three curveballs in a row. You can collect Field Research by spinning the discs at Poke Stops.

As before, players can find and complete as many Field Research tasks as they want, but only the first one you finish a day will reward you with a stamp. Collecting seven stamps will lead to a Research Breakthrough, which in turn will unlock more rewards, including an encounter with a powerful Pokemon. This month, players who achieve a Research Breakthrough will have another chance to capture the aforementioned Legendary Pokemon, Raikou.

Pokemon Go's next Community Day event takes place next weekend and features Eevee. Additionally, players still have a chance to capture Registeel, the latest Gen 3 Legendary to arrive in the game. It can be found in Raid Battles until August 16, after which it will be replaced by Regirock.

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