Pokemon Go Adds Another Mega Evolution

Mega Pidgeot has begun appearing in Mega Raids, and you can now Mega Evolve your own Pidgeot when you collect enough energy.


A new Mega-Evolved Pokemon is now available in Pokemon Go. As a reward for collectively completing two million Mega Raid Battles during the first week of the Mega September event, developer Niantic has added Mega Pidgeot to the game as a Mega Raid boss.

With Mega Pidgeot's arrival, you can now Mega Evolve your own Pidgeot once you collect enough Pidgeot Mega Energy. You'll earn this energy for defeating Mega Pidgeot in Raids. You'll need to amass 100 energy to Mega Evolve your Pidgeot for the first time, but subsequent transformations will take less energy. Niantic also says it is tweaking Mega Evolutions to give players more ways to earn Mega Energy outside of Mega Raids.

Mega Pidgeot
Mega Pidgeot

Mega September is a three-week event revolving around Mega Evolutions, which officially debuted in Pokemon Go last month. The first two weeks of the event have now ended, but the third week is set to begin September 22. The theme of that week will be improving your friendship level with your Mega-Evolved Pokemon. There will also be special Timed Research quests during the week, which players will need to clear for a chance to unlock Mega Gengar during Pokemon Go's Halloween 2020 event next month.

In the meantime, there's still a lot happening in Pokemon Go this month. The game's September Community Day took place this past Sunday, September 20. The featured Pokemon this month was Porygon, and everyone who evolved it all the way into its final form--Porygon-Z--up to two hours after the event ended learned the event-exclusive move Tri Attack, which up until now had not been available in Pokemon Go.

Articuno has also returned to Raid Battles for a limited time. The Legendary Pokemon will be appearing as a five-star Raid boss until September 25, after which point it will be replaced by another Legendary bird, Zapdos.

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