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Pokemon Go Adding Landorus Next Week

Another Gen 5 Legendary is coming to the hit Pokemon mobile game this month.


March has brought a ton of Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go, and now one more is set to arrive before the month officially wraps up. Niantic has announced that Landorus, the third and final member of the Forces of Nature trio from Pokemon Black and White, will appear in Pokemon Go beginning March 31.

Until April 21, you'll be able to encounter Landorus around the world in five-star Raids. That isn't the only way you'll be able to catch the Legendary, however; Landorus will also be available as a Go Battle League reward for a limited time. You can read more about the Legendary on the official Pokemon Go website.

In the meantime, another Gen 5 Legendary, Cobalion, is available in Go again as part of a limited-time Raid event, which is set to end March 23. The Legendary Lugia will also return for its own Raid event from March 24-31. Each of those two Pokemon has a special event-exclusive move this time around, and you may encounter their Shiny forms.

Genesect is also making its debut in Pokemon Go this month. The Mythical Pokemon will be available through a Special Research story event called A Drive to Investigate. You need to purchase a virtual ticket to participate in this event, but you'll also have a chance to encounter Genesect in EX Raids beginning in April.

Pokemon Go's Cobalion and Lugia Raid events have been extended, but a few other events planned for this month--including March's Community Day and the Safari Zone events in St. Louis, Liverpool, and Philadelphia--have been postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Those who purchased Safari Zone tickets can request refunds, but if you decide to keep them, you'll still be able to encounter special Pokemon and Field Research tasks during the originally scheduled event hours.

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