Pokemon Go Adding Avatar Poses And Lucky Friends Features

New features are on the way to the Pokemon mobile game.


Pokemon Go has been receiving a regular stream of new events and Pokemon over the past few months, but that's not the only new content Niantic has in the works for it. In a blog post on the Pokemon Go website, the developer shared the first details on Lucky Friends and avatar poses, two new features coming to the hit mobile game.

Lucky Friends is a new level of friendship you can achieve once per day with players you've become Best Friends with. Much like Lucky Pokemon, there's a chance you'll become Lucky Friends when you interact with a Best Friend, be it by trading Pokemon, opening gifts from each other, challenging them to Trainer battles, or fighting alongside them in Raids.

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If you do become Lucky Friends, you'll both see a notification indicating it, and your next trade is guaranteed to give you both Lucky Pokemon. Once the trade has been completed, however, your friendship status will revert to Best Friends, although Niantic says you will have a chance to become Lucky Friends again the following day through the same methods.

In addition to the Lucky Friends mechanic, Niantic is introducing avatar poses to Pokemon Go. These can be purchased through the in-game Style Shop for 500 Coins apiece and allow you to customize your Trainer's pose in your profile, the Friend list, and other areas where your avatar appears.

Pokemon Go's next in-game event is the Legendary Lunch Hour, which runs from 12-1 PM local time on April 10. Shortly after that, Niantic will hold this month's Community Day on Saturday, April 13. The Legendary Pokemon Latios is returning for a special week-long Raid event from April 15-22, and the annual Eggstravaganza event is coming back for another year starting April 16.

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