Pokemon Fan Develops Homebrew Method To Save Your Earliest Pokemon

Your childhood Pokemon might be lost to time, but one Pokemon fan has created a way to get them off Gen 1 and Gen 2 Game Boy carts.


For years, Pokemon fans have mourned the Pokemon that they caught in Generation 1 and 2 games like Red/Blue and Gold/Silver, as there's no easy way to transfer them to modern games or collection solutions like Pokemon Home. However, one Pokemon fan has now created a piece of GBA homebrew that allows you to transfer Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon to Gen 3, which you can then import.

The homebrew, titled Pokemon Gen 3 To Gen X, was developed by Lorenzoone, and they've created a demonstration video on how to use it. It requires a GBA flash cart, as well as a Game Boy/Game Boy Color link cable. Lorenzoone notes that it's only been tested with official link cables, and that aftermarket ones may not work correctly due to their pinout not matching.

The homebrew has other features besides enabling cross-gen trades, including enabling clock-based events in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, which are usually not possible when the clock battery in the cartridge has died. It can also fix a number of glitches in the early Pokemon games, including certain Pokemon being unavailable in Fire Red/Leaf Green, as well as the Roamer IV glitch.

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