Pokemon Dev's Original Switch RPG Gets New Trailer

Fight monsters to a soundtrack largely composed by Undertale's developer.


As we gear up for the fall video game season, developer Game Freak has published a new trailer for its original RPG, Little Town Hero, which is headed to Nintendo Switch on October 16.

The new trailer, below, introduces its cute world and chibi-like characters while going over a few of the RPG's features. These include snippets of original music by longtime Pokemon composter Hitomi Sato and Undertale developer Toby Fox, a glimpse at the game's turn-based mechanics, some of the monsters you will face while exploring the town, and more.

Game Freak, the team behind the mainline Pokemon games, announced Little Town Hero during a Nintendo Direct last year. Not much much was shared about the title at the time, with Game Freak simply saying Little Town Hero takes place in "a village with a secret to hide." Nintendo revealed Little Town Hero's release date during a Direct earlier this month. We also learned that some characters, like protagonist Axe who uses a shield in battle, can attack with their thoughts.

While Game Freak is putting the finishing touches on Little Town Hero, the studio is still hard at work on Pokemon Sword / Shield. The Pokemon Company announced it will broadcast 24 hours of "live" footage on October 4. The stream is part of Sonia's research, where viewers are said to observe Pokemon in their natural habitat.

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