Pokemon Crystal Coming To 3DS Next Month

The third Gen 2 game arrives next month.


Following the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS Eshop last year, Nintendo brought the series' second-generation titles, Gold and Silver, to the service earlier this fall. However, their third version, Pokemon Crystal, has been conspicuously missing. That won't be the case for much longer, as today Nintendo announced the Game Boy Color game will join its predecessors on the 3DS Eshop next month.

Pokemon Crystal arrives on the 3DS Eshop on January 26 and costs $10. In Europe and Japan, it will receive a limited physical release that comes in a replica Game Boy Color box and contains a download code for the game. You can watch a new trailer for Pokemon Crystal below.

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Pokemon Crystal is an enhanced version of Gold and Silver. It features the same storyline and setting as the previous two Gen 2 games, but it's been expanded with some new content, such as a subplot that revolves around Johto's Legendary beast, Suicune. Most notably, Pokemon Crystal is the first game in the series to let players choose a female character as their avatar.

Unlike Gold and Silver, Crystal also features the Mythical Pokemon Celebi; however, it could only be obtained in the original Game Boy Color release if you had the GS Ball, a special item that was only distributed legitimately in Japan. In the 3DS version, all players will have a chance to encounter Celebi "in an event after completing the game."

Other features Pokemon Crystal first introduced include the Battle Tower, a facility where players can take on a series of battles against AI trainers. It's also the first game in the series to feature Pokemon animations during battle. Like the Eshop versions of Gold and Silver, you can transfer any Pokemon you catch in the classic game to the Pokemon Bank service for use in the series' most recent installments, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The 3DS version also features wireless communication, allowing players to battle and trade with one another locally.

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