Pokemon Contest Invites Fans To Create An Official TCG Promo Card

Think you've got what it takes to be the next Pablo Pika...sso? Now's your chance to prove it.


Pokemon cards aren't just a hot commodity sought after by collectors; they're also handheld artistic masterpieces. If you ever thought that you could contribute to that collection of fine pocket monster art, then now's your time to show Pokemon's creators what you're capable of.

The Pokemon Company International and Creatures Inc. have announced the Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022, which will be open to applicants in the US for the first time. As part of Pokemon's 25th-anniversary celebrations, fans have been encouraged to capture "the daily life of Pokemon" as part of the contest theme, with an emphasis on Bulbasaur, Charizard, Pikachu, Arcanine, Galarian Rapidash, Scizor, Greninja, or Cramorant as their chosen subject.

We've entered, but we don't exactly think we'll be chosen for the finals.

Please don't turn this into an NFT.
Please don't turn this into an NFT.

"With this contest, Trainers will have the unique opportunity of having their Pokemon art be viewed all over the world," said Barry Sams, vice president of the Pokemon TCG at The Pokémon Company International. "I continue to be in awe of the passion, creativity, and diversity of the Pokemon community, and expanding the Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest to the US will offer exciting new perspectives of the Pokemon we know and love."

The grand prize for the contest is $5,000, and more importantly, their submission will be immortalized as a promo card. Entries will be accepted beginning on October 13, 2021, through January 31, 2022, with winners announced in Summer 2022.

In more celebratory Pokemon news, a new music album featuring songs by Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, J Balvin, and Cyn, and Post Malone's cover of the Hootie and the Blowfish's "Only Wanna Be With You," which was used during the PS25 Music virtual concert in February.

Beyond the album, Pokemon fans can also try out Pokemon-branded Oreos, prepare for a new Pokemon animated film for Netflix in October, and add an eight-episode animated series to their playlist later this year.

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