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Pokemon Company Launches Diamond And Pearl Music Library You Can Use For Free

Check out the sounds from the 2006 Nintendo DS games.


Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have launched a new website with a library of sounds from 2006's Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games for Nintendo DS.

The purpose of the Pokemon DP Sound Library is for people to be able to use the tracks for free in videos and music compositions, as well as in non-commercial events. Users can choose up to six songs to create their own party tracks. There is also a playlist section curated and arranged by themes, such as adventurous, power-up, and challenge categories.

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There are also examples of creators and artists using the sound library for samples and making their own projects, such as DJ Alan Shirahama. The website will update in the future with more sampling examples as well.

The timing of this launch conspicuously coincides with news related to Youtuber GilvaSunner. They run a channel filled with music from Nintendo franchises such as Kirby, Punch-Out, and Animal Crossing but recently got hit with more than 2,000 copyright blocks from Nintendo. On Twitter, GilvaSunner announced plans to delete the channel later this week in response to the blocks.

Both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl saw remakes back in November when Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released for Nintendo Switch.

In GameSpot's Pokemon Diamond and Shining Pearl review, Steve Watts said, "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl keep enough classic elements to feel like a comfy nostalgia trip while smoothing over enough of the rough edges that they feel relatively contemporary with other recent Pokemon games."

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