Pokemon Black/White sell 5 million, set record

Nintendo's latest monster-catching RPG becomes fastest to reach quintuple-platinum milestone on DS in Japan.


It didn't take long for Nintendo's Pokemon Black and White Versions to set records upon their launch in Japan last September. Within the DS games' first week on Japan store shelves, industry-leading stat trackers Enterbrain and Media Create pegged the game's sales at 2.6 million--the best opening of any Pokemon title to date. Now, the monster-catching role-playing game has added a new record to its name, one that encompasses more than just the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon franchise continues to sell gangbusters in Japan.
The Pokemon franchise continues to sell gangbusters in Japan.

According to Enterbrain (relayed by Andria Sang), Pokemon Black and White have sold more than 5 million units, the fastest games to have done so on the DS. The feat was achieved as of January 9. Though Black and White are technically two different SKUs, Nintendo traditionally releases near-identical editions of the same Pokemon game under slightly different monikers, encouraging players to exchange captured monsters between versions.

Pokemon Black and White introduce a handful of changes to the established gotta-catch-'em-all formula. Developer Game Freak has expanded the game's online functionality through features, such as Global Link, where players can access special content by uploading their save files to a website. Black and White also introduce more than 150 new Pokemon that players can add to their Pokedexes, as well as changing seasons.

The two latest editions of Pokemon are expected to arrive in the US on March 6. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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