Pokemon Black & White sell 1 million on day one

Nintendo's latest strategy RPG duo sets franchise-best record following March 6 release in US.


Pokemon fans have responded with ardor to the fifth generation in Nintendo's strategy role-playing franchise Pokemon. Today, Nintendo announced that Pokemon Black and White have set new sales records following their launch in the US on Sunday. Combined, the two versions of the same game sold 1.08 million units within 24 hours in the region.

Quick: What has the head of a fox, the body of a chicken, and the tail of a jet engine?
Quick: What has the head of a fox, the body of a chicken, and the tail of a jet engine?

That figure bests the one-day performance of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which had previously held the record with 780,000 combined units following their release in 2007. It also isn't the first record for the latest Pokemon titles, as the two games sold a franchise-best 2.6 million units following their launch in Japan last September. The two titles also broke an industry-wide record in Japan by reaching the 5 million-unit milestone faster than any other DS game.

Nintendo has been fueling the release of Pokemon Black and White in the US with a limited-edition DSi bundle. Available for $180, the bundle comes in black or white and includes a like-colored version of the game. The DSi systems also feature Legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom etched onto their faces, as well as a themed carrying case.

Featuring marginal differences between each other, Pokemon Black and White include more than 150 new critters to capture, train, and battle. Nintendo also introduced an all-new region, Unova, for players to explore with the benefit of changing in-game seasons. Also new to the series is Triple Battles and Rotation Battles, which are aimed at diversifying the in-game fighting experience.

Check out GameSpot's review of Pokemon Black and White for more on the game.

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