Pokemon Black and White Primer

It's time to catch them all again. Our Pokemon Black and White Primer Guide gets you started with info about new Pokemon, returning favorites, and brand new features.


Pokemon Black/White Version

It's time to catch them all again. Our Pokemon Black and White Primer Guide gets you started with info about new Pokemon, returning favorites, and brand new features. Here's what's inside:

  • New Pokemon: Found out about all 156 new Pokemon to collect
  • Version Exclusives: Find out what's different about the Black and White versions
  • C-Gear: Learn about multiplayer and online C-Gear features

New Pokemon

Type Strengths and Weaknesses

As with the previous entries of the series, each Pokemon has a type that can increase their offenses and defenses. Having a dual type can be a double edged sword: while it can some times increase a Pokemon's offensive potential, it can in turn expose them to new weaknesses or create a double weakness to another type.

Type Name Attack Bonus Against Attack Penalty Against Defense Bonus Against Defense Penalty Against
Normal None Rock, Steel, Ghost (Null Attack) Ghost (Null Attack) Fighting
Fighting Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark Poison, Flying, Bug, Psychic, Ghost (Null Attack) Bug, Dark, Rock Flying, Psychic
Flying Bug, Fighting, Grass Electric, Rock, Steel Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ground (Null Attack) Electric, Ice, Rock
Poison Grass Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock, Steel (Null Attack) Bug, Fighting, Poison, Grass Ground, Psychic
Ground Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel Bug, Grass, Flying (Null Attack) Poison, Rock, Electric (Null Attack) Ice, Grass, Water
Rock Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Ground, Steel Normal, Fire, Flying, Poison Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Bug Dark, Grass, Psychic Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel Fighting, Grass, Ground Fire, Flying, Rock
Ghost Ghost, Pysychic Dark, Steel, Normal (Null Attack) Bug, Poison, Fighting (Null Attack), Normal (Null Attack) Dark, Ghost
Steel Ice, Rock Electric, Fire, Steel, Water Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Poison (Null Attack) Fighting, Fire, Ground
Fire Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel Ground, Rock, Water
Water Fire, Ground, Rock Dragon, Grass, Water Fire, Ice, Steel, Water Electric, Grass
Grass Ground, Rock, Water Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, Steel Electric, Grass, Ground, Water Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Electric Flying, Water Dragon, Electric, Grass, Ground (Null Attack) Electric, Flying, Steel Ground
Psychic Fighting, Poison Psychic, Steel, Dark (Null Attack) Fighting, Psychic Bug, Dark, Ghost
Ice Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground Fire, Steel, Water Ice Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Dragon Dragon Steel Electric, Fire, Grass, Water Dragon, Ice
Dark Ghost, Psychic Dark, Steel, Fighting Dark, Ghost, Psychic (Null Attack) Bug, Fighting

New Black and White Pokemon

Black and White includes 156 new Pokemon, increasing the total National Pokedex to 649. Keep in mind that you can also come across previous Pokemon, some of which are exclusive to Black or White.

Pokemon Name Type Version Exclusive
Victini Psychic, Fire
Snivy Grass
Servine Grass
Serperior Grass
Tepig Fire
Pignite Fire, Fighting
Emboar Fire, Fighting
Oshawott Water
Dwott Water
Samurott Ground
Patrat Normal
Watchdog Normal
Lilipup Normal
Herdier Normal
Stoutland Normal
Purrloin Dark
Liepard Dark
Pansage Grass
Simisage Grass
Pansear Fire
Simisear Fire
Panpour Water
Simipour Water
Munna Psychic
Musharna Psychic
Pidove Normal, Flying
Tranquill Normal, Flying
Unfezant Normal, Flying
Blitzle Electric
Zebstrika Electric
Roggenrola Rock
Boldore Rock
Gigalith Rock
Woobat Psychic, Flying
Swoobat Psychic, Flying
Drilbur Ground
Exadrill Ground, Steel
Audino Normal
Timburr Fighting
Gurdurr Fighting
Conkeldurr Fighting
Tympole Water
Palpitoad Water, Ground
Seismitoad Water, Ground
Throh Fighting
Sawk Fighting
Sewaddle Bug, Grass
Swadloon Bug, Grass
Leavanny Bug, Grass
Venipede Bug, Poison
Whirlipede Bug, Poison
Scolipede Bug, Poison
Cottonee Grass Black
Whimsicott Grass Black
Petilil Grass White
Liligant Grass White
Basculin Water
Sandile Ground, Dark
Krokorok Ground, Dark
Krookodile Ground, Dark
Darumaka Fire
Darmanitan Fire
Maractus Grass
Dwebble Bug, Rock
Crustle Bug, Rock
Scraggy Dark, Fighting
Scrafty Dark, Fighting
Sigilyph Psychic, Flying
Yamask Ghost
Confagrigus Ghost
Tirtouga Water, Rock
Carracosta Water, Rock
Archen Rock, Flying
Archeops Rock, Flying
Trubbish Poison
Garbodor Poison
Zorua Dark
Zoroark Dark
Minccino Normal
Cinccino Normal
Gothita Psychic Black
Gothorita Psychic Black
Gothitelle Psychic Black
Solosis Psychic White
Duosion Psychic White
Reuniclus Psychic White
Ducklett Water, Flying
Swanna Water, Flying
Vanillite Ice
Vanillish Ice
Vanilluxe Ice
Deerling Normal, Grass
Sawsbuck Normal, Grass
Emolga Electric, Flying
Karrablast Bug
Escavalier Bug, Steel
Foongus Grass, Poison
Amoonguss Grass, Poison
Frilish Water, Ghost
Jellicent Water, Ghost
Alomomola Water
Joltik Bug, Electric
Galvantula Bug, Electric
Ferroseed Grass, Steel
Ferrothorn Grass, Steel
Klink Steel
Klang Steel
Klinklang Steel
Tynamo Electric
Eelektrik Electric
Eelektross Electric
Elgyem Psychic
Beheeyem Psychic
Litwick Ghost, Fire
Lampent Ghost, Fire
Chandelure Ghost, Fire
Axew Dragon
Fraxure Dragon
Haxorus Dragon
Cubchoo Ice
Beartic Ice
Cryogonal Ice
Shelmet Bug
Accelgor Bug
Stunfisk Ground, Electric
Mienfoo Fighting
Mienshao Fighting
Druddigon Dragon
Golett Ground, Ghost
Golurk Ground, Ghost
Pawniard Dark, Steel
Bisharp Dark, Steel
Bouffalant Normal
Rufflet Normal, Flying White
Braviary Normal, Flying White
Vullaby Dark, Flying Black
Mandibuzz Dark, Flying Black
Heatmor Fire
Durant Bug, Steel
Deino Dark, Dragon
Zweilous Dark, Dragon
Hydreigon Dark, Dragon
Larvesta Fire, Bug
Volcarona Fire, Bug
Cobalion Fighting, Steel
Terrakion Fighting, Rock
Virizion Fighting, Grass
Tornadus Flying Black
Thundurus Dragon, Fire White
Reshiram Dragon, Fire Black
Zekrom Dragon, Electric White
Landorus Ground, Flying
Kyurem Dragon, Ice
Keldeo Water, Fighting
Meloetta Normal, Psychic
Genesect Bug, Steel

Exclusive Version Pokemon

Both Black and White have exclusive Pokemon to collect. Some of these are from older generations. Many of White's exclusive Pokemon must be caught in the White Forest. You can of course gain them all by trading with other players.

Black Exclusive

Pokemon Name Type Pokedex Number
Weedle Bug, Poison 13
Kakuna Bug, Poison 14
Beedrill Bug, Poison 15
Murkrow Dark, Flying 198
Houndour Dark, Fire 228
Houndoom Dark, Fire 229
Shroomish Grass 285
Breloom Grass, Fighting 286
Plusle Electric 311
Volbeat Bug 313
Honchkrow Dark, Flying 430
Cottonee Grass 546
Whimsicott Grass 547
Gothita Psychic 574
Gothorita Psychic 575
Gothitelle Psychic 576
Vullably Dark, Flying 629
Mandibuzz Dark, Flying 630
Tornadus Flying 641
Resgiram Dragon, Fire 643

White Exclusive

Pokemon Name Type Pokedex Number
Caterpie Bug 10
Metapod Bug 11
Butterfree Bug, Flying 12
Para Bug, Grass 46
Parasect Bug, Grass 47
Misdreavus Ghost 200
Poochyena Dark 261
Mightyena Dark 262
Minun Electric 312
Illumise Bug 314
Mismagius Ghost 429
Petilil Grass 548
Liligant Grass 549
Solosis Psychic 577
Duosion Psychic 578
Reuniclus Psychic 579
Rufflet Normal, Flying 527
Braviary Normal, Flying 628
Thundurus Flying, Electric 642
Zekrom Dragon, Electric 644

White Forest Bonus Pokemon

Pokemon Name Type Pokedex Number
Pidgey Normal, Flying 16
Nidoran (Female) Poison 29
Nidoran (Male) Poison 32
Oddish Grass, Poison 43
Abra Psychic 63
Machop Fighting 66
Bellsprout Grass, Poison 69
Magnemite Electric, Steel 81
Gastly Ghost, Poison 92
Rhyhorn Ground, Rock 111
Porygon Normal 137
Togepi Normal 175
Mareep Electric 179
Hoppip Grass, Flying 187
Wooper Water, Ground 194
Elekid Electric 239
Magby Fire 240
Wurmple Bug 265
Lotad Water, Grass 270
Seedot Grass 273
Ralts Psychic 280
Surskit Bug, Water 283
Slakoth Normal 287
Whismur Normal 293
Azurill Normal 298
Aron Steel, Rock 304
Trapinch Ground 328
Corphish Water 341
Bagon Dragon 371
Starly Normal, Flying 396
Shinx Electric 403
Budew Grass, Poison 406
Happiny Normal 440

Black City and White Forest

Each version of the game as an exclusive location between Routes 15 and 14 in Unova. In Pokemon Black there is the Black City, while in white there is the White Forest.

Black City has extra items that can be purchased. The available items can change by using Entralink and entering another player's City or Forest. The city also includes high level trainers that use Pokemon ranging from level 30 all the way to level 65. There are Backpackers and Roughnecks that have multiple Pokemon and will offer Triple and Rotation Battles. Black City is a good place for high end fights and finding difficult challenges.

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White Forest contains exclusive Pokemon from older generations. Typically they are around level 5 when caught. As with Black City, White Forest can be changed by using Entralink to explore another person's City or Forest. There are also a handful of trainers here, but not nearly the amount in Black City. White Forest is better for catching older Pokemon that you may want to train up.

Poke Transfer

You can transfer Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Head to Route 15 in Unova and over to the Poke Transfer Lab. Note that transfers will not retain held items or Hidden Machine moves.

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A mini-game will start where six Pokemon from the previous game will appear behind several bushes. There is a time limit bar at the top of the screen signaling how long you have to catch the Pokemon. You can catch each Pokemon when they appear out of the bushes or attempt to run around the area.

You can also sleep several Pokemon at once by hitting the pink clouds that float by. Sleeping pokemon can be caught even if they are still behind a bush. Keep in mind that any Pokemon that are not captured will return to their previous game. However, there is no penalty for using Poke Transfer multiple times.


Seasons in the game change every real world month: Spring during January, May, and September; Summer during February, June and October; Autumn during March, July, and November; and Winter in April, August, and December. Outside visual appearance and changes in music, seasons can also change parts of gameplay.

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Several locations in the game change depending on the season. These include Route 8, Dragonspiral, Undella Bay, and Moor of Icirrus. The season in these locations can effect which wild Pokemon appear. Seasons also have an effect on some Pokemons abilities, such as Sawsbuck and Deerling.


C-Gear is a new system that can be used to access wireless, Wi-Fi, and infrared multiplayer options.


C-Gear can be used to quickly warp to the Entralink forest, a location in cnetral Unova. Here you can gain Pokemon from Nintendo's official Pokemon Dream World with Dream Balls. You can also use Entralink to warp to other player's Unova and undertake various missions. These multiplayer missions reward Pass Orbs that can be used to gain exclusive Pass Powers that aid all nearby players.


Xtransceiver can be used to directly communicate with players via the DS' mic. If other players are also using the DSi, video phone communication can be achieved with the built in camera.

Global Link

Global Link can be accessed early in the game by entering the Dreamyard and collecting Dream Mist from a Munna. If you bring this item to Fennel in Striaton City she will unlock this new Wi-Fi mode.

You will need a Nintendo Pokemon Global Link account to access the Dream World itself. Due to server traffic, there are limits on time spent in Dream World. Most often you will only have one hour of access a day to this feature.

Dreamworld can be used to gain extra Pokemon, find items, and explore Dream Island. In Dream World you are also given a home which you can furnish and redesign. You can also trade and take items via the Share Shelves in your home.

Triple and Rotation Battles

Triple and Rotation Battles are new means of fighting Pokemon in Black and White.

Triple battles make use of three Pokemon at once that can be used as a team. Not only can Pokemon on a team help one another, but they are also able to harm one another if they are not careful. You can also issue orders to move your Pokemon around, changing their location and order.

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Similar to Triple Battles are Rotation Battles. However, during these fights only one Pokemon on each team can use an action at a time, requiring more strategy. These fights mostly happen in Black City, however they can be found in various other locations to offer an interesting challenge.

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