Pokemon Black and White get LE DSi bundles

Nintendo announces $180 special version of portable gaming device to launch alongside latest franchise entry on March 6; bundles include game, monster-etched system, and themed carrying case.


No Caption Provided Pokemon Black and White--the latest duo of Pokemon titles--arrived last year in Japan and became the fastest game ever to sell 5 million units in the territory. Now, Nintendo is offering stateside gamers two more reasons to catch-'em-all.
What color combo will be next?
What color combo will be next?

Premiering on March 6 will be two new $180 Pokemon-themed limited edition Nintendo DSi bundles. Black system bundles (at right) will include a copy of the Pokemon Black iteration of the game, and white system bundles will bundle a copy of the White version of the title.

Both system bundles will include Legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom etched onto the face of the DSi. In addition, each pack will include a Pokemon-themed DSi carrying case.

As for the game, Pokemon Black and White introduce a handful of changes to the established gotta-catch-'em-all formula. Developer Game Freak has expanded the game's online functionality through features, such as Global Link, where players can access special content by uploading their save files to a website. Black and White also introduce more than 150 new Pokemon that players can add to their Pokedexes, as well as change seasons.

The stand-alone Pokemon Black/White games will debut on March 6. For more on Nintendo’s latest monster-catching title, check out GameSpot's first look preview at Pokemon Black/White.

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