"Pokemon" Added to Dictionary Alongside Mom Jeans

Dictionary.com announced its latest additions, including Pokemon, ghosting, hot take, woke, and lumbersexual.


With the release of Pokemon Go recently behind us, the word "Pokemon" is finally getting some recognition. Dictionary.com has announced the latest additions to its database, of which there are more than 300 new words that include "Pokemon," "mom jeans," and "manspread."

Pokemon's entry is defined as, "a media franchise including video games, animated television series, movies, card games, etc. that depict a fictional class of pet monsters and their trainers." It's surprising that it took this long for Pokemon to be added, considering it has been a popular franchise since the '90s.

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The collectable pocket monsters join Dictionary.com with many words that would be considered slang. We have "totes," which is accompanied by a simple one-word definition: "totally." Other uses of slang like "deso" (designated driver) and "NBD" (no big deal) have also been added.

Dictionary.com added its latest words based on recent political news, pop culture, and gender identity. Some of the words might be a bit surprising to see in a dictionary; the word "presstitute" and "woke" are among the additions.

On top of that, some of the words are based on fashion trends, such as "athleisure" (a style of clothing based on athletic apparel but worn casually) and "lumbersexual" (the name for a person who wears lumberjack-like clothing). Sadly, "mom jeans" is defined as, "unstylish women's jeans."

Despite these additions, it's unlikely we'll see them in a dictionary you find in a book store. Dictionary.com is an online dictionary that is more willing to make these kinds of additions than traditional ones. In May of last year, Dictionary.com added a bunch of gaming-specific words like "esports" and "permadeath."

You can take a look at a bigger list of the new words and definitions on Dictionary.com.

In other Pokemon-related news, the new mobile game, Pokemon Go, has appeared in a Simpsons clip, in which Homer ignores Bart and Lisa to catch new creatures. The mobile game recently launched in Canada and is set to release in Japan tomorrow.

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