PODsters Get Multiplayer Option

Shareware racers can now test drive the online multiplayer features.


On Friday, Ubi Soft released a new version of its popular MMX- and 3Dfx-enhanced title, POD. What's different about POD this time around? Now, shareware racers can test drive games multiplayer features online (without having to purchase the full title).

In the new shareware, racers will only have access to one level and one vehicle on the service, but they will now be able to try out their limited access with others on the net.

The full retail version of the game comes with 8 vehicles (15 more that can be downloaded from Ubi Soft's web site). The same can be done with tracks for the game - 16 come with the full retail version and another 15 can be downloaded from the site.

Ubi Soft opened POD's Game Service - which helps gamers find other players to race against - on August 15. So if you're looking for someone to race against and think you want some competition, POD might be just the nitro injection that you've been looking for.

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