Podcasts tell Kameo's story

Microsoft uses tech popularized by Apple to promote backstory of upcoming Xbox 360 game; tale told in eight parts.


With the recent questions of the Xbox 360's compatibility (or lack thereof) with Apple's iPod, it's clear that even the most bitter rival can put its differences aside to use its competitor constructively.

Microsoft today announced that the backstory of Kameo: Elements of Power would be told through a series of podcasts, or MP3 files that can easily be downloaded onto MP3 players. Currently, an estimated three out of every four MP3 players is an iPod.

The podcasts will be downloadable this holiday from the game's official Web site. As an alternate method of learning about the story, tech-savvy gamers can subscribe to the feed and have each chapter automatically delivered to their listening devices when a new installment is released.

The first chapter will detail the powers of the Wotnot book, which harnesses the power of elemental warriors that heroine Kameo later comes to control. Also revealed will be info on the Element of Power, a jewel that bestows the owner with the ability to transform into any of the combatants in the Wotnot book.

Kameo: Elements of Power was developed by Microsoft-owned Rare, which also developed Perfect Dark Zero. The game follows the titular elf as she battles the evil troll king, Thorn.

Though the Xbox 360 isn't yet on shelves, Kameo: Elements of Power can already be found in stores for $49.99. It's rated E for Everyone. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's recent preview.

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