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P.O.D. CD to come bundled with Amplitude

Content bundled with P.O.D.'s Payable on Death will include version of Harmonix's music-mixing Amplitude.


The first 1 million copies of P.O.D.'s fifth CD, Payable on Death, will come bundled with an extra DVD containing a version of the PS2 game Amplitude on it. The CD bundle will be released on November 4 at a suggested retail price of $19.98, according to Sony and Atlantic Records.

Amplitude, the sequel to Frequency, is a rhythm game where players remix songs as they play. Amplitude features songs from David Bowie, Papa Roach, blink-182, and several other artists and a remix of P.O.D.'s "Boom" by The Crystal Method. The version of Amplitude bundled with Payable on Death will allow you to play the game with P.O.D.'s song "Space" (which won't be on the released CD). In addition to the game, the DVD will also include video footage of the band.

Atlantic Records hopes that this added value in terms of extra content will help the release compete against sales that the company feels have been hurt by music piracy and trading. Atlantic Records also feel that by combining the two types of entertainment, music and video games, its products will help capture the attention of young consumers who, it says, have been choosing to allocate more attention, and more money, on games.

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