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PocketStation Shortage

TOKYO - Sony scored big with the launch of the PocketStation, but now it seems like there aren't enough to go around.


TOKYO - SCEI released its PocketStation last weekend, and the peripheral sold out instantly from retailers and now can't be found anywhere, solidifying the machine's popularity. You can download minigames from PlayStation games like Crash Bandicoot 3.

But the story of the shortage may mean more than the device is an instant success. If you remember, SCEI delayed the launch of the PocketStation in mid-December. According to SCEI, the reason it delayed the launch was because it wanted to produce enough units to meet anticipated consumer demand. A bit strange, isn't it?

One newspaper recently reported that the reason for delay is actually that the PocketStation has a battery problem. According to the report, the battery won't last more than two days, and SCEI needed time to fix it. There's no word from SCEI whether this report is true or not. But the instruction manual for the PocketStation says that the battery will last about a month when it is used only as a watch. That means it may shorten when you play minigames.

Some retailers say that initial shipments of the PocketStation totaled no more than 60,000 units.We asked several retailers when they will get their next shipment, and they've simply answered that they are not sure.

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