Pocket Monster X on the Game Boy

A new Pokemon for the GBC is due on April 2000, and it will be the first to use the cellular-phone adapter.


GameSpot News learned on Thursday that Nintendo will be releasing a new Pokemon title in Japan for the Game Boy Color. Tentatively titled Pocket Monster X, it will be the first title to use the cellular-phone adapter for the GBC. Users will be able to trade their favorite Pokemon and download new ones from Nintendo's network database through the cellular phone. The adapter will also be compatible with the next-generation handheld system Game Boy Advanced as well. It is currently unknown if Pokemon X will be a different version of Pokemon Gold and Silver (sort of like the Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions) or a completely new title.

Pocket Monster X and the cellular phone adapter for the GBC are scheduled for a simultaneous release on April 2000 in Japan.

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