PlayStation Vita launching in NA February 28?

Sony's blog said to slip word on US release date for upcoming handheld, but supporting evidence is sorely lacking.

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Source: Gaming blog Just Push Start.

What we heard: At last week's Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed a December 17 release date for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. The system's North American release date may have arrived in a decidedly less high-profile manner today.

Yes, the PS Vita is due in early 2012. No, the PS Vita hasn't been locked in for February 28.
Yes, the PS Vita is due in early 2012. No, the PS Vita hasn't been locked in for February 28.

Just Push Start's report indicates the PS Vita will be available in the US on February 28. The information reportedly comes from a PlayStation Blog post that was apparently set live for a few minutes before being pulled.

Unfortunately, JPS doesn't provide much by way of compelling evidence to support its report. The site notes that it "didn't get a chance to take a screen capture of the article," as Sony pulled the post "with their quick reflexes." Also noteworthy, the purported post failed to surface in any RSS feeds for the PlayStation Blog and a telltale Google cache of the page is nonexistent.

Weirdly, in its report of the incident that cites JPS, the news section of UK retailer Shop To claims to have secured the text of Sony's errant post. On top of being unclear where Shop To found the text, its veracity can be further called into question due to its smattering of typos and clumsy verbiage.

"Dear Playstation Nation, It is my pleasure to announce that PS Vita will be launching in North America on February 28, 2012," the post reportedly states. "As it was announced during E3, PS Vita will in two different models: Wifi Only for $249.99 and Wifi+3G for $299.99. This portable powerhouse will take you beyond your imaginations and put you in the ultimate hand held experience."

The official story: Sony was uncharacteristically quick to swat this one away as mere rumor. "We have yet to announce the date for Vita in the US or Europe. Any other suggestions are typical speculation and rumors," a representative told GameSpot.

Bogus or not bogus: Yes, Sony does expect to launch the PS Vita in North America in early 2012. And though the time frame here fits, this report is looking almost certainly bogus.

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