PlayStation Store Update: Ape Escape Moves

Motion-sensing simian collection title tops slim list of new downloadable offerings for PS3 as Burnout Paradise gets discounted bundle, Ninjamurai hits PSP.


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It's a slow week for gaming retailers, and those hoping that Sony's weekly PlayStation Store update would pick up the slack are likely to be disappointed. Sony pushed its update live, with a thin slate of new offerings headlined by PlayStation Move Ape Escape for the PlayStation 3.

The newest Ape Escape was among the first few games announced for Sony's camera-based motion controller for the PlayStation 3, back in 2009. The game sees players fending off a monkey invasion after a UFO wrecks behind their house, with gameplay heavily oriented around the Move controller. With 15 levels to play and 500 unique monkeys in need of capturing, PlayStation Move Ape Escape sells for $20.

It seems there is something very alarming about these bananas.
It seems there is something very alarming about these bananas.

One of the very first full-scale downloadable games on the PlayStation Store is also getting a noteworthy nod, as Criterion's critically acclaimed Burnout Paradise is now available in a bundle with an assortment of its downloadable content for the budget-friendly price of $8. While the bundle doesn't include perhaps the game's most notable addition, Big Surf Island, that DLC is on sale, along with add-ons for a quartet of titles from Electronic Arts' other big racing franchise, Need for Speed.

The update also sees a pair of new import titles added to the PSone Classics lineup, with Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou added to the store for $6 each. Rapid Angel is a platforming beat-'em-up with a trio of heroine protagonists, while Yakiniku Bugyou puts players in the pressure-packed shoes of a chef prepping food for discerning and demanding patrons. Both games are playable on the PS3 as well as PSP.

Speaking of the PSP, Sony's portable sees a low-key PlayStation Store update, with a single PSP mini joining the system's library of games. The action game Ninjamurai from Irish studio Open Emotion is available now for $2.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, discounts, and add-on content, is available on the PlayStation Blog.

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@goodemon Not on the North American branch. !_!

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Blast you Sony, I want a REAL Ape Escape, not this mini game filler.

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Ape Escape! I want to get a Move for this, been waiting to catch those mangy monkeys on PS3. Ever since I first played Ape Escape when I was 11, AE2 at 14, AE3 at 17, I've been a longtime fan. Each main entry just got better and tougher. I know this isn't a main entry but I still want to support this series because its not a Sony franchise juggernaut like Ratchet and them.

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well done

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great news

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@zzamaro. no no if you get it for plus you will only have it 30 days if you get 8 dollars you keep it and if you get the free you have no add-ons if you get the 8 dollars you get the ultimate bundle

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Ha I played the Ape Escape move demo, its alot different than the original, but pretty fun I must say. The controls are smooth and responsive. It kind of feels like a rail shooter, but the capturing aspect is cool. I wouldn't pay $19.99 for it, maybe $9.99. If anyone is curious about the Original Ape Escape, you can buy the Original for $6 on the PSN store. It is VERY VERY COOL. It was also the first game for PlayStation that required the use of the Dual Shock controller. I also posted a review for it back in the day if you click on my avatar.

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Burnout is well worth it

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I got burnout paradise for free with my free PS Plus on my EU account. I had fun. I think $8 is a steal.