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PlayStation Store gets revamp

New look for online store coming mid-April; new design, interface, and navigation; no new content for two weeks whilst work is underway.


The new front page.
The new front page.

Sony Computer Entertainments Europe and America have made official a redesign of the PlayStation Network's PlayStation Store. The new-look site will go live in approximately two weeks. Unfortunately, though work is underway on the new-and-improved store experience, the old one won't be receiving its traditional weekly update.

There will be no more weekly content updates before the relaunch of the new store in mid-April (from today in Europe, from April 3 in North America), although games and content that have already been uploaded--including Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in Europe--will continue to be available. Presumably, the new store will be up and running in time for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's scheduled US release date of April 17.

The revamp of the PlayStation Store comes after the results of an SCEE customer survey last year in which users criticised the navigation and interface. Both will be getting an overhaul, along with "more scope for categorisation," and a new design.

Once the store reopens for business proper, gamers will be prompted to download a new firmware update to their PlayStation 3 systems that will enable them to access the new PlayStation Store.

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