PlayStation's Superhero TV Show Powers Renewed for Second Season

"We believe original content will continue to be a key pillar as we broaden the value proposition for PlayStation Plus."


PlayStation's Powers TV show has been renewed for a second season. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, explaining that the second season of the superhero program will debut sometime in 2016.

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In a statement, Sony marketing vice president John Koller said the reception for the first season, which debuted earlier this year, "has been incredible."

He went on to say that original programming will be a central point of focus for Sony going forward.

"We believe original content will continue to be a key pillar as we broaden the value proposition for PlayStation Plus, and we're excited for what’s to come with season two of Powers," he explained.

Powers stars District 9 actor Sharlto Copley, alongside Susan Heyward and Eddie Izzard, among others.

The first episode of Powers season one is available for free.

Did you watch Powers? Looking forward to season two? Let us know in the comments below.

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Season 2 announced and still season 1 is not available for PS+ subscribers in Canada.

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@straightcur: I'm sure that it will end up in Canada as soon as the value of their currency goes up. Until then its a loss and a waste of resources according to Sony.

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@bunchanumbers@straightcur: "according to Sony" ? Would love to see where they said this. All I ever see is promises of info coming soon.

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Looks like this was better than expected. I didn't even bother looking at it but now that it's gaining steam I will at least try it.

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@RicanV: same here

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but they don't want t.v features on the system. LOL YEAH RIGHT!

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One cool piece of time honored tradition right there. Experienced only on Xbox One.

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Its an alright show, I think I'm on 9 now, sometime after wolf incident. Won't miss it tho....


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It's an okay show.

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Watched the whole thing as they released eps. Excellent show. Triphammer is like a believable Tony Stark character that is pretty funny and has an interesting relationship with Chris Walker (Diamond). Good first season effort. Hope they up the budget for effects a bit. Wolf is like wolverine in some ways and a more interesting character since relatively unknown to me until now. I didn't find the use of harsh language overused...underused really, considering half the situations they find themselves in I would be laying F-bombs out like carpet bombing runs too.

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The series was awesome. I'm just a bit upset that it was only 10 episodes and we have to wait until next year for season two. Hopefully season two will have more episodes. At least 16?

Anyway, good job Playstation. 10+

Btw, the series reminded me of the recent battlestar galactica (BG) from the scifi channel. When I watched BG I had a ball counting how many times 'Frak' was said during an episode. Powers uses the F-bomb just as much as Frak. Let the tally begin. :)

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Well be more EPs next season

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Finished the first season, and I can't wait to see what happens! A lot of people talk about how this show has "potential". Now, it's time for them to follow-through on that promise!

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Watched the first rpisode last night... Pretty darn good... Very excited to watch the rest... You just have to make it past the first few minutes of wonky exposition (including bad cg and a newsreel with mario lopez lol).

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TV, TV, TV....?

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I love this show... best news i got today

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Please watch

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@kazuohiiraii: We will Kaz!