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PlayStation Portal Update Will Let You Play In More Places

The PlayStation Portal will soon be able to access more public Wi-Fi networks.


A PlayStation Portal update will roll out on June 19, adding several new enhancements to the gaming handheld. One of the the big updates here will give you more options to use the device outside of your home, as you'll be able to connect to more public Wi-Fi networks like the ones found in airports, hotels, and cafes.

You'll need to scan this QR code to gain access to more public networks.
You'll need to scan this QR code to gain access to more public networks.

These public networks typically require you to go through a few more validation steps, and when using the PlayStation Portal to access one, you'll need to scan a QR code from its screen using your smartphone. You can then complete the rest of the validation steps on your mobile device, although it's worth noting that Sony recommends a Wi-Fi connection with at least 5Mbps speed to play, and ideally, a 15Mbps high-speed connection for a smoother gaming experience.

Sony says it has also added new visual feedback to the touchpad areas, and these effects will be displayed when using the touchpad areas during remote play. In addition, you'll also be able to see the remaining battery level percentage on the status bar after the update has been installed. This is an optional feature accessed in the PlayStation Portal settings, but for anyone who prefers numbers to nebulous battery symbols, it's essential stuff.

The PlayStation Portal launched in November 2023, and it has proven to be a popular device so far. This streaming device syncs to a PS5 console using wireless technology called PlayStation Link to create smooth gaming sessions, if your internet connection meets the requirements. If you're looking to pick one up for yourself, you can check out GameSpot's PlayStation Portal restock guide to see if any major retailers have a fresh supply of these units available. Keep in mind, however, that the device isn't for everyone, as we discovered during our hands-on time.

"With a limited use-case and inconsistent performance from remote play, as well as the way it rarely takes advantage of the PS5 ecosystem, the PlayStation Portal is tough to recommend," Michael Higham wrote in GameSpot's PlayStation Portal hands-on feature. "If the PS5 is your primary gaming platform, and if you have a strong internet connection throughout your home, and if you're in situations where you're eager to play PS5 games without access to the TV the console is connected to, then you'll get plenty of use out of the Portal."

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