PlayStation Plus Seemed To Add Surprise Free Game

From Software's Bloodborne appeared to be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but it's gone.


Update: Bloodborne appears to no longer be available via PlayStation Plus, and it's price is once again listed at $20. If you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, it should be back when the PlayStation Plus Collection comes to PS5 in about a month.

PlayStation Plus's free games for October 2020 are racing game Need for Speed Payback and action-RPG Vampyr. However, seemingly out of nowhere, Bloodborne has also been made free for PS Plus subscribers. It's unclear if this is a mistake, as Sony did not announce the From Software action game as one of this month's free offerings. You'll want to claim this as soon as possible, as it could be an error and fixed shortly.

Bloodborne was PlayStation Plus's offering all the way back in March 2018 and is included in the PS5's upcoming Plus Collection, which grants subscribers a library of backwards-compatible PS4 games on the next-gen console. Not only does it include games Sony has published, but also a selection of other titles from third-party publishers. There is good variety there, so those who haven't purchased a PS4 and are jumping onto the PS5 train next generation will have plenty to enjoy.

Bloodborne is remembered as one of the best PS4 games. It received a 9/10 in GameSpot's Bloodborne review for its agile and brutal combat, phenomenal creature and world design, and interconnected world that "makes every discovery a wonder."

"The finest treasures are found within the city of Yharnam and the forests, lakes, and purgatories beyond it," critic Kevin VanOrd wrote. "I finished Bloodborne in less time than I did Dark Souls II, yet I treasure it more in spite of its few missteps. In death there is life, and in blood, there is redemption. More hyperbole, yes, but for a game this theatrical, only hyperbole will do."

Next month, we see the remake of From Software's first PlayStation exclusive launch alongside the PS5. Demon's Souls is being helmed by Bluepoint Games, which is known for its quality remasters and remakes like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Shadow of the Colossus. We recently got our first look at Demon's Souls gameplay, which showcased zero loading times when warping between zones and the revamped first area.

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