PlayStation Plus Free Games of September 2015 for PS4, PS3, and Vita

Six new games come to Plus, including four for PS4.


Sony has revealed the six free games that PlayStation Plus members can download for free in September, one of which Plus members had a hand in choosing.

As a result of the Vote to Play initiative, Grow Home will be one of the PS4's free games next month. It's making its debut on PS4 in September and will be free right out of the gate for Plus members. The other two games that Plus members were able to vote for, Armello and Zombie Vikings, will each be 30 percent off from September 1-15.

Grow Home
Grow Home

Thanks to Cross-Buy support, PS4 owners get a total of four games in September, while PS3 and Vita owners get two each. Read on for the full list of September's Plus games.

PlayStation 4:

PlayStation 3:

PlayStation Vita:

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Grow home is such a joke, no vsync and 30fps cap on a game with no textures.

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When will far cry 4 or one of the newer games be on a discount or free :(

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Weak line up.

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not renewing PS+ this year, got enought "Steam" games on both PC and consoles already.....

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@Ahiru-San: Don't forget that a lot of games require PS+ for multiplayer.

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@AGx07: I don't play online on the PS4 anyways... multiplat games with online multiplayer - I got them all on the X1

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@Ahiru-San: do you play your games via disc? Do you enjoy it more than digital?

Avatar image for Ahiru-San

@crxuchilbara: nope, got them all digital (a few games on disc from launch though)

Avatar image for crxuchilbara

@Ahiru-San: oh ok. I cant play 2 digital games at once on ps4 anymore. I was told I could if I had the disc though.

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@crxuchilbara: wow that is lame! I have 2 X1s and I buy a game once and play on both at the same time with a friend/different account.... that's why I only buy digital, so I don't have to have 2 discs (I used to do that on the x360, had 2 consoles as well, before Games On Demand -- I usually bought a second copy of our favorite games just to play at the same time on two consoles)

I thought it was possible on PS4 too... though I only have one PS4, and I don't plan on getting a second anytime soon...

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Thank you Sony, you've been helping me to save money by not making PS+ appealing enough to re-sub to month after month!

Avatar image for AGx07

@BrokenChaos666: I get your point but if you're paying monthly you're really wasting money because that's far more expensive than the yearly sub.

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you can choose between shit and crap and the winner is.....

i pay for ps plus whenever they have some real games. like TR that xbox1 just got. not this indie crap. and i never play online anyway

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@tinoush: I don't like to generalize the quality of indie games, but there is too many lately!

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Sony yet again are giving crap games. Look at xbox and what they are getting. Sony are doing this as they know that they can get away with it. Mugging off their customer base as usual.

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@xskyver: For the record, Sony gave away Tomb Raider like 2 years ago, shortly before the remaster was announced.

Avatar image for Deadlysyns87

@xskyver: What are Xbox getting? A remake of a 2 year old game? That is amazing. You know they are only doing this to hopefully sell more Rise of the Tomb raider games.

Avatar image for Ahiru-San

@Deadlysyns87: of course they are doing this to sell Rise of TR... still a better game then this month offers on PS+

Avatar image for penkowalski

Well, there's another wasted month.

Avatar image for monson21502

Sony grow some balls and stop giving renting out crap games

Avatar image for freeasadog

crap again

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Another Good month.... Man I just can't keep up.... My back log is just growing. Not to mention DC, and PS2, and the FTP games that I have been slacking on.... man Life is just too full. .... and with any time I have crunchyroll has that time....

Work, Family, friends, very little time for games, and I have not been here in a while. Enjoy your youth kids, with all its free time. as it will be gone all to fast.

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@Ravenlore_basic: I agree, these free games are great, but they're like an "All you can eat" fest. You think cool! and you download them every month, then next thing you know -- where do I even get the time to play all these??? LOL

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@Bond_Villain: +1

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I don't play any game without a cinematic story or a lot of multiplayer progression so ps plus is always trash to me, but im sure these same people were crying last month about rocket league but everyone played the shit out of that.

Avatar image for crxuchilbara

@CallMeDuraSouka: I'm not all indie, but you are right. To much copy and paste success. And when you tell people, they act like they don't know what you mean. Oh yay! Another game with cutsecene intro gameplay. MGS5 Definitely has the best playable cutsecene intro... I was so annoyed when I saw that...

Avatar image for celticpride859

@CallMeDuraSouka: i dont mind indies, i have some i like and a lot i dont.....but they could at least give us something like tomb raider......instead they give us more indie shit

Avatar image for rhythm-

@CallMeDuraSouka: I really dislike comments like this "You don't share my opinion therefore you're a child"

No, just no. I'm 35, I've been playing games on all formats since forever and I find these games to be awful. Grow home just looks so boring, it's another boring platformer with no hook at all. The rest of the games are just as bad.

I personally liked the look of and voted for Armello but unfortunately yet another platformer was voted in and will continue to be till the end of time.

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@rhythm-: I have to agree with you. I am 40 and have been playing games since Atari, Colecovision, ect. I still have many "old" systems and have been introducing my kids to older style generation of games. With that said, I don't enjoy most of what PS Plus is offering these days. The games do not appeal to me personally. That doesn't mean that I am kid and expect AAA titles all the time, I just think Sony has taken a "different" stance on what they are offering. Most of the games now are Indie games and lets be honest, they are a lot cheaper than AAA titles. While some of Indie games have been okay for me, most of them I DL, try and then delete. Bottom line, it's all about personal preference and not age based or being spoiled.

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Twisted metal is the only good one I see here

Avatar image for coaltango

omg, are they trying to unsub members from PsPlus

Avatar image for tinoush

@coaltango: they will wake up when there is no subscribers left. i for one haven't paid them for over 6 months now.

Avatar image for grom_lom

@coaltango: even worse, they're trying to make you buy XBox One.

Avatar image for Ahiru-San

@grom_lom: which wouldn't be a bad move at all

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Wow, this has got to be the worst month yet for these "free" rental games!

Avatar image for jimdigby

@Pelican170: Does someone pay cash to people who make the point that Plus games aren't free?

Seriously, there has to be some reason folks feel that dead horse needs another flogging.

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@jimdigby: Do you seriously think they are "free"? Lets break it down for you. If you do not pay $50/year, do you get "free" games? No. If you pay the $50/year, you get online and games. Simple enough to see, that you are in fact paying for the games...

Let alone even worse, that when you stop paying $50/year, the games are taken away from you...

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@Pelican170 Indeed.Bad journalism when the say 'free' We are paying for the service,so they are not free.And what a dull month.Still waiting for Tomb Raider or TLOU remaster.:

Avatar image for Pelican170

@TheBusterMan: TLOU is great! I bought it a while back and if you get it for free, its quite the treat...

Avatar image for joegrizly

xbox wins this month.

Avatar image for yoshiyoshi

Pretty crappy games.

Avatar image for Kaguya_Kimimaro

Looks like I can keep playing ACIV and eventually AC Unity uninterrupted then on my AC-Catch-Up-Before-Syndicate-Drops, since as usual, PS+ this month sucks, started sucking ever since PS+ became mandatory for the PS4 to access the online for it's games.....Guess we'll wait till next month to see what October's Indie Month will let us have...

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grow home, you're drunk

Avatar image for aaronlovesfood

@beuneus12: Thanks for the laugh :D

Avatar image for PayneKiller

Incredibly lame month in my opinion. I dont even know if people voted for what they really wanted

Avatar image for Pelican170

@PayneKiller: Well, when all the choices are bad, does it matter?