PlayStation Plus Free Games of November for PS4, PS3, and Vita

Sony revealed both the US and UK PlayStation Plus free games for November, which includes a wide-array of interesting indie titles.

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October's PlayStation Plus free games are on the way out, and Sony has finally revealed their replacements for November. Starting Tuesday, November 4, PlayStation Plus members in both the US and UK will have access to the following games:

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita

  • The Hungry Horde -- Take control of a group of wandering zombies and increase your ranks by biting wayard humans while avoiding armed guards and tanks
  • Escape Plan -- A black-and-white puzzle game that takes advantage of the Vita's gyroscopic controls

Even if you don't own one (or any) of the systems above, it's still worth adding the games to your account by going through the PlayStation online store, just in case you pick up a new console up later down the line. And for even more PlayStation deals, Sony is holding a week-long sale on horror-themed games and you can see that full list here.

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My subscription runs out at the end of the year ... I don't think i'm going to renew unless sony gets there act together with some better games.

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I gotta say, the selection for PS3 is awful this month. Tried both games and immediately uninstalled them. I would have MUCH rather played The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (loved the first) and SteamWorld Dig, but apparently the PS3 can't handle those super mega graphical indie games...or something.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Really? I've played them for not more than 10 minuts each. Awful, awful games.

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I used to defend PS Plus but these past few months have been crap. And with the subscription price going up in certain countries (like mine) I'm even more pissed. The 1 year sub increased by 25% here!!

The only reason I still have it is because I play online a lot but seriously, the PS4 has been out almost a year. At least give the people a proper game, also, when are we getting anything decent on the Vita?

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so they can give all these free games but they still cant give us drive cub come on Sony are you really that low on cash, that PS+ members are not getting what they where prommised?

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What a collection of absolute junk.

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We should start a revolution on boycotting Playstation Plus so that we can get more out of our membership! What's the point of the membership if we only get CRAPPY GAMES!!! I'm going to start!!! GRAB YOUR PITCHFORKS!!! WHO"S WITH ME!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Take a look at the free lineup for december and january. That will calm you down.

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well these are classics

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Where is a AAA titles like in the past ???

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OK forgive my n00b status but I've got a PS4 on the way and it's the first console I will own since PS2/Gamecube.

I want to know the answer to 1 question that I can't find a straight up answer to anywhere:

If I have a PS4, and PS Plus, can I play any of the PS3 or PS Vita games available through PS Plus on my PS4?

Thanks in advance.

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@omgwtfbhjftw The only PS3 games you can play from your PS4 is the one you need to rent from the "stream" service or whatever they call it on PS Store...but PS Plus, you can't.

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No, if its not made specifically for ps4 then no. For some reason sony said **** backwards compatibility, that would ruin our rental sales.

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oh, look more shtity indie games for PS4, you see sony, this is exactly why im not renewing my subsciption when it runs out this month, im not paying a subscription for indie games. get your shti together.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> with you on that mate

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You have PS Plus for free games? I have it to play online.

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What people don't realize is that those titles are crossbuy, so LuftRausers, Frozen Synapse, and SteamWorld on Vita as well. I can say LuftRausers is like nothing you've ever played before.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Nobody has the fucking Vita.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> shut......UP

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Should change the name to IndieStation Plus.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> As sad as it is to say for me as a PS4-gamer, that name would actually fit well for the service. Seriously, I was expecting free DriveClub (full version, because there's nothing else that would make me get the full version) or maybe Killzone Shadowfall.

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Damnit, another month of nothing interesting. Kinda hoped black flag would've been a plus game to promote unity

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It's taken a bit but Plus is finally getting weak with their games. It had to happen at some point.

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yup. they want you to rent em now. I will never do that at the price they want. but people do I guess.

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Is this really what I am paying for Plus membership???

It seems like they put the games that nobody would buy or play, so they put them on Plus and they collect the cash from membership!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You should give them a shot, i know it's disappointing not getting a good, triple A (or at least single A? whatever you call normal non-indie games) game but The Binding of Issac is actually really fun. It's pretty addictive and challenging. Frozen Synapse is pretty good too but overall I agree that its a pretty weak showing this month. Hopefully the games I haven't played are actually somehow really good or something but w/e, my backlog is a mile long anyways and I've gotten more than $50 worth of games i want already.

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@CoolCamel616 I understand that. But once, they gave Metro and Bioshock for ps3 in the same month, Tomb Raider followed. But now, look at the picture?!! Last 3 updates are disappointing. Especially for ps4. They offer the best gameplay with 1080p graffics on ps4 and they give 256-color Towerfall, Spelunky whatever!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Towerfall is my favorite indie game to date! lol!

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Just what I always wanted to play on the PS4, another indie sidescroller... Blech. Almost beginning to feel like shovelware and systems only been out a year.

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Wow! I really wanted to play Escape Plan and The Binding Of Isaac, so I'm happy with that. But I don't care about all the other games being offered in November.

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Another disappointing month. I mean, we are still waiting for Driveclub PS Plus edition (if that ends up happening)

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Ps plus when it was just ps vita and ps3 was amazing value with the quality of games you got,fair enough indie games for ps4 but right across the board on all platforms is poor.Was going to get a ps4 at a later date as i have a lot invested in the playstation brand owning a vita and ps3 and with the value you got with plus made network outages more pallletable but seriously considering trying xbox this generation. shape up sony

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<< LINK REMOVED >> im thinking same

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binding of isaac is not the same without the original music

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Coolness. I've thought about getting Binding of Issac before so this is bonus :)

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I don't have more gb hard disk any more and I can't delete my games :(

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"Even if you don't own one (or any) of the systems above, it's still worth adding the games to your account by going through the PlayStation online store, just in case you pick up a new console up later down the line."

Why the hell would someone spend money on monthly memberships "just in case" you get a certain future console? Do people not like owning money or something?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I wish I signed up for it when they were giving away Disgaea 4. Virtue's Last Reward has been my favorite offering.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> What they mean is if you have for example just a PS3 and you have a PS+ membership you can still add the PS4 or Vita games to your account for free so that if you purchase a PS4 or Vita in the future those games would be available to you.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> no, literally the first few words disprove what you're saying

"Even if you down't own one (or any)" implying, if you don't any of the PS consoles you can get them if you buy a PS+ sub and get them, just in case you decide to buy a PS console.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm pretty sure he meant what eldak was saying and just wasn't paying attention. Crazy I know but some people misspeak/type sometimes, and miraculously some people are able to figure out what they mean anyways. Might be some kind of ESP, maybe just common sense, who knows?!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I think he wrote it and didn't really think about what he wrote because I don't know a single person who would get a membership and not have the console.

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Is the store not working for anyone else today? My PS3 attempts to load the store but quits straight back to my home screen and then if it does load the store it freezes:(