PlayStation Plus Free Games of November for PS4, PS3, and Vita

Sony revealed both the US and UK PlayStation Plus free games for November, which includes a wide-array of interesting indie titles.

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October's PlayStation Plus free games are on the way out, and Sony has finally revealed their replacements for November. Starting Tuesday, November 4, PlayStation Plus members in both the US and UK will have access to the following games:

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita

  • The Hungry Horde -- Take control of a group of wandering zombies and increase your ranks by biting wayard humans while avoiding armed guards and tanks
  • Escape Plan -- A black-and-white puzzle game that takes advantage of the Vita's gyroscopic controls

Even if you don't own one (or any) of the systems above, it's still worth adding the games to your account by going through the PlayStation online store, just in case you pick up a new console up later down the line. And for even more PlayStation deals, Sony is holding a week-long sale on horror-themed games and you can see that full list here.

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