PlayStation Plus free games of March for PS4, PS3, and Vita

Sony revealed all of the free PlayStation games you'll be able to download this coming month, including Tomb Raider, Dead Nation, and Monster Hunter.

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Sony revealed the PlayStation Plus free games of March today through the official PlayStation Blog. We don't have individual release dates, but titles tend to roll out early in the month.

PlayStation 4 owners will have access to Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, a revamped edition of the game previously released for PS3 including "updated visuals and controls."

PlayStation 3 owners will have access to:

And PlayStation Vita owners will be able to download:

  • Unit 13: a third-person shooter that includes two-player online co-op.
  • Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite: The PSP version of the monster-killing simulator, which also happens to be playable on your Vita.

PlayStation Plus is Sony's subscription services for all of their consoles. A standard one-year membership costs $50 and nets users access to a collection of free games like the above, although you lose access if your subscription expires. On PlayStation 4, a Plus subscription is required to access online multiplayer.

To that end, the PlayStation Plus games from February will expire soon, so if you're a member and you still haven't downloaded Outlast, Metro: Last Light, PayDay 2, or any of the others, you might want to get on that.

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Avatar image for seann_currell_7

if they give us tomb raider ps4 for free after i just bought it as there deal of the week i will seriously demand my money back

Avatar image for OmegaGear

<< LINK REMOVED >> You won't get it back, but you can plainly see its for the PS3, not the PS4.

Avatar image for dark_princess29

i own all the games nothing for me again another rubbish month

Avatar image for auspicious12345

<< LINK REMOVED >> This is last years.

Avatar image for kirk2n25




MARCH 2015 PS+ GAMES ARE NOT ANNOUNCED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for justinhaywald

<< LINK REMOVED >> The article does have a timestamp at the top :-)

We won't be removing this article (since, it's still accurate), but as soon as the March 2015 games are announced, we'll have those posted on the front page.

Blame the way that Google archives stuff.

Avatar image for kirk2n25

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The problem is that the story is highlighted in the "Around the Web" section below every article. This looks very similar to the "More News" section on the right. I guess if someone comments on an old article it gets promoted. And no, I didn't bother to read the timestamp first. I guess I will from now on :-)

Avatar image for justinhaywald

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Ah! That's a bigger problem (and a bug). The around the web stuff should be focused on newer content.

I'm not seeing it now, but if you could send a screen capture to when you see something like that, it would be a big help!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Same thing just happened to me.

Avatar image for auspicious12345

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah I just got real excited and clicked over here. Maybe on future ps plus games announcements you could include the year. It would certainly cut down on the problem.

"free games for March '15!"

Avatar image for PayneKiller

<< LINK REMOVED >> ya I've been brought back here clicking on the "around the web" feature on other articles a couple times. Tempting to view since March is around the corner. I'll send a screen if I see it again tho

Avatar image for stage4saiyan

We got Outlast and Resogun already. What the hell?

Avatar image for Slapindabass

<< LINK REMOVED >> This is March from last year.

Avatar image for pkchill88

I am having trouble downloading Metro:Last Light from PS plus. Darn, it is the last day. Anyone seeing the same?

Avatar image for fatherofgamers

<< LINK REMOVED >> You can go through the web browser and "buy" the game. Downloading is not limited by the exp.of the game being free.

This holds true with any PS+ free game. Don't have the Vita? Go ahead and grab each game till you get one. Waiting to get PS4 in the summer? Grab those free games now through the web browser.

Avatar image for Dieknochenblume

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> If I had only read your comment back then. I've missed so many good games :'(

Avatar image for Prismet

Deadnation is an old game that all zombie fans already bought for 10$ two years ago. Lame game for a PS4 engine ready to rev.

Avatar image for eze_sl89

i want a gundam game for the PSN

Avatar image for StonerDemon

How about some Neo-Geo Station games for free? Guerrilla Wars, Shock Troopers, Samurai Shodown?

And we're still waiting for Alien VS Predator HD, Capcom...

Avatar image for Vodoo

What's the difference between this Dead Nation and the PS3 version? Just that this includes dlc? Dead Nation was one of the best dlc games on psn. I got my PS3 well after when they gave it away for the psn hack apologies. So I actually bought it for PS3. Now that I no longer have a PS3, I'm glad I can play a better version on my PS4.

Avatar image for hoyholyhoy

$50 a year for a minimum of like 24 games, pricing a total of far over the price you'd pay for a console and you complain that it isn't free. Most people don't keep their games longer than a few years anyway. I could pay $500 for ten years of PS+ and get like $3000 or more worth of games. If you don't think 24+ relatively new games a year for $50 is practically free I have no idea..

Avatar image for fatherofgamers

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think some people are upset that some of the games released are ones that a lot of people have already bought or played.

Truth be told I have Tomb Raider for my PC. I have yet to play it. I might be tempted to play it now because I like my larger screen to play (wife won't allow me to appropriate the TV for my monitor just yet).

On the plus side Sony gives us several games for free, some of them have to be ones you haven't played yet, and you can buy them via the web browser and download when ever you want - remember people it isn't tied to your hardware but to your account. You don't need a PS4 to purchase the games for the ps4 via the sony store.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

I'm actually kinda glad that PS+ has a lame line-up this month, since it gives me plenty of time to actually play and catch up on all the fucking games I've bought on PS3 and Steam over the last several months... and with midterms right around the corner as well...

I swear to god I buy more games than I know what to do with -,-

Avatar image for bigruss730

Wow, what a great giveaway.......not

Avatar image for almaleh

Great game for Ps4!! Not so much for the Ps3 in my opinion...

Avatar image for kerrman

Sweet, I can grab Dead Nation when I buy my PS4 in March. Nice little addition.

Avatar image for VendettaEternal

I always feel douched over by the ps3 offers compared to Ps4? The rewards of being an early adopter then? Fml.

How hard is it to port over or whatever those awesome games to ps4? Could some tech knowledgeable person explain it to me?

Avatar image for billlabowski

<< LINK REMOVED >> Build a PC.

Avatar image for meedokicky

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Build a house.

Avatar image for notfrylock1987



Money. They want your money and will do whatever they can to get money out of you. Hence why they are doing Playstation Now. a "Streaming Service where you can play all your PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on the PS4.....even though Sony said BC would be impossible but thankfully they found a way, it'll just cost you $10 a month though.

Avatar image for TheNightMammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, impossible from a hardware standpoint because it's insanely expensive. When people ask for backwards compatibility, they want to be able to use all their old discs in new their new systems, but that's simply not economically feasible. We saw that with the PS3.

Avatar image for DWalker131

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> not that i agree on what i'm gonna say, but i saw this arguement on 'nerd alert' and they kinda made a valid point, they said something like 'why do i have to pay for the same game twice to get it on both my consoles' and their reply was 'well when you bought movies on VHS, then the VHS died out, and DVD came in, you have to buy an updated version if you want to watch the same movie on your DVD player, just coz you bought it when it was on VHS doesn't mean you get a free upgrade copy to VCD, then free upgrade to DVD, then a free upgrade to HDVD then free upgrade to Blu Ray etc etc

so although i am cheesed off having to buy the same games twice, just like everyone else, i can kinda see it from their point

but this is just seeing things from a different perspective

buying the same game twice to play on 2 different console that you own is still up in air for debates

Avatar image for danta

Why do they keep calling it free? We paid for this service, so how is it free?

Avatar image for billlabowski

<< LINK REMOVED >> Because console players will believe anything unfortunately, and they will defend it to death.

Avatar image for Anxiety21

<< LINK REMOVED >> Kinect is still Awesome!!! O.o I would rather not die defending this comment! :P

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

<< LINK REMOVED >> They are free for PS+ subscribers, you're not paying for the games, you're paying for the membership. It's like the Dallas Buyer's Club, but for boredom, instead of AIDS.

Avatar image for danta

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> This service is more like a rental, but instead of returning it, it expires when you are no longer a member. Almost like netflix service. But, you still have them once you repay for the service again. it still isn't free.

Avatar image for danta

<< LINK REMOVED >> Let me explain in another way so you can understand gray_fox1984 that it is not free, your paying for a rental of the game. Your saying that your paying for a membership. if that is true then, It similar to how EA does their DLC for BF4. Your paying for a premium membership and you get all the DLC free? No, your not getting them free you paying for those DLC but, all in one payment.

In similar, you can go to red box and rent game for .99 cent versus paying $20 to $60 for a game.

Netflix and PSN+ is not far different from each other, you pay for that service and you get to view whatever movies you want. Just like PSN+ you pay for that service and you get to play games that they put up.

Now I'm not saying I hate psn+,I think it's great service. I am just stating why do they keep calling it free when it's not free because you paid for them.

Avatar image for arnold700

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> They can call them whatever they want doesnt bother me its a good deal

Avatar image for tripwire73

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I think of it as exactly that, a rental service.

I rarely buy games on release day, so for me it's a great way of always having new things to play, and I haven't felt the need to buy a new game for months.

Also, I also 'purchase' the games for Vita and PS4 even though I don't own either system, so when I get a PS4 (and if I get a vita) the library will already be there for me.

I think PS+ is fantastic value

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

@danta @grey_fox1984 You're still just paying for the membership and not the games while they are "free" games. For example, I got Vanquish as a free game and can play it whenever I have an active PS+. Other PS+ members need to pay $20 to play it if they weren't a member at the time.

Free for me, $20 for them.

Avatar image for notfrylock1987

Payday 2 is a good game. If you got PSN+ grab it while you can.