PlayStation Plus free games for third week of April 2014

PlayStation 3 remake of 1990's Castle of Illusion part of the month's Instant Game Collection.

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Sony has revealed which games will be free to PlayStation Plus members as part of the Instant Game Collection from from April 14.

Subscribers can pick up Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on the PlayStation 3. Those who download the game before April 28 will also receive the original Sega Genesis version of 1990's Castle of Illusion and a Mizarabel dynamic theme.

Fighting game Street Fighter x Tekken, which usually retails for $39.99 on the Sony Entertainment Network store, will also remain free for the PlayStation Vita until April 22.

In addition to the free games, the following discounted titles will be available. Sony revealed the full line-up of games a few weeks ago.

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Avatar image for Arsyad00

wish they make all ps1 and ps2 game fwee.

Avatar image for HybridExtreme

I love I love I love I love my Kraft dinner with..... PlayStation Plus! You thought I was gonna say Ketchup didn't ya? lol

Avatar image for gruoch1

When the flippy-floppedy-floo is Octodad coming out??

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

When does PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD become free on Vita with PS+

Avatar image for TheKeef

Bleh, really like my free games and all, but this one is a pass..

Avatar image for crunchb3rry

...and us Xbox One owners still have only Killer Instinct. Being from the Street Fighter era, I don't really care about Killer Instinct. Might as well be Clay Fighters.

Avatar image for gruoch1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Hey! ...Clay Fighters was awesome!

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

The Sega Genesis version of Castle of Illusion (Mickey Mouse) was really fun.

Don't delay doing the DL and missing out !!

Avatar image for mr_nee

<< LINK REMOVED >> how the F did you download the game?? PS+ > free games > no castle of illusion... wtf?

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

@mr_nee @ohjtbehaaave Are you on a PS3? It's for PS3. Go to PSN… scroll to PS+ and to the right you'll see Castle of Illusion is the second game in the row. When you DL now you'll also get the original Sega Genesis game.

Avatar image for nameaprice

ahhhh BA Origins is dope, NO idea why people disagree. YES it IS more of the same, but is that really such a BAD thing?

Avatar image for mr_nee

<< LINK REMOVED >> I ejoyed it a lot

Avatar image for dorukster

Shut up about the "PS+ free games or not" argument already! Everytime I read an article about PS+ services, people are arguing about whether the games are free or not. I'm f.cking sick of it.

People who paid for PS+ are happy with the game they're getting and people who don't pay for PS+ are happy for not paying the subscription fee.

What the is the point of arguing this subject on every article about PS+?

Avatar image for zerohournow

<< LINK REMOVED >> who cares if YOU are sick of it?

Avatar image for dorukster

Considering that my earlier comment has had 4 likes, I'm not the only person who's tired of this pointless argument between fanboys for both of the systems. So it's not only ME, you see...

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> Point is PS+ is mandatory on the PS4.

Avatar image for staticsnake87

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's actually not mandatory. You can own and operate a PS4, including third-party apps like Netflix, without a PS+ subscription. You'll just be missing out on a lot of features the PS4 has with the internet. This is in contrast to what Xbox has done since the launch of the 360 where you essentially are required to have Xbox Gold in order to use your most basic features on your Xbox console. Considering how long the competition has been doing it, for Sony to finally semi-require it but while providing much more value is not really that big a deal. It'd be a bigger deal if Microsoft had never required it.

Avatar image for Dejanji


Spoken like somebody that JUST bashed the service blindly, haha..

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Is it possible to Stream the Internet with the PS4?

Avatar image for anaplussetup

<< LINK REMOVED >> We fear change.

Avatar image for nameaprice

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>^ in garth's voice ;)

Avatar image for WhiteTulip1

I still don't understand why games like this can't run on PS4

Avatar image for SpiderLuke

<< LINK REMOVED >> It can if they made it, but they didn't.

Avatar image for Dezuria

<< LINK REMOVED >> Because PS3 games don't work on PS4. Why is that hard to understand?

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

Chima and Oots are not words?

Avatar image for AirForce190B

I hope they release better games for free on the PS3.... at least

Avatar image for Vodoo

I'm hoping that the "Definitive Edition" of that super-heroes fighting game (forget the name) is the PS4 free game soon.

Another big problem with this new generation is there's hardly any demos available for these digital games. PlayStation never had many dwmos, but the XB1 isn't requiring demos of any of the XBLA games anymore. They're gonna sell a LOT less without being able to try them first. I own about 120 XBLA games on my 360 and I wouldn't have bought most of them without trying them first. For example... Mark of the Ninja. That's an incredible game and most people would've passed it over had they not tried it first.

Avatar image for KniteWulfe

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think you mean Injustice. I'm still upset because I paid full price at launch, then they released the full DLC version a couple months later for the same price I paid but wanted to charge me full price again just to upgrade. Then they make the PS3 to PS4 discount only apply to the stupid new edition, yet the PS4 version still costs the same $60 as I paid for the original release.

Avatar image for jarusa

They had the PS4 version on PS+ sale like a month or so ago for $25.

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

i hope ps4's ps plus games get better by the end of the year. i wasn't expecting much this year but it would be nice if they gave us something great for christmas.

Avatar image for C_A_G_E

<< LINK REMOVED >> I've been very happy with the games they have given away so far. they are games that i probably would not have tried, but, have really enjoyed.

Because of the free games like Mercenary kings and Don't Starve, i am more open to indie games.

Avatar image for Dezuria

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Shouldn't look at games as AAA or indie. Games are games.

Avatar image for chadwick1343

<< LINK REMOVED >> The Indie titles they've given away are great.

Avatar image for chuckles471

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm guessing it's going to be indie games till December(if Drive club doesn't come out). And it will probably be Knack.

The first month of PS+ was little big planet but that was because you had a couple of years of games behind it.

Avatar image for RicanV

<< LINK REMOVED >> The problem is that the PS4 is still new. You won't see full retail titles being released on PS+ for quite some time.

Avatar image for analgrin


Well seeing as everyone has played Killzone to death I wouldn't be too surprised if they made it free for PS+ members before the end of the year. They've already had a couple of free weekend sessions for it.

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> We'll likely see Killzone, Injustice or possibly even Battlefield 4 as PS4 Plus games later this year. With the constant price lowering on Ghosts, that might be in there too.

Avatar image for Wrathesoul

Yah free games you cant keep don't seem free to me.

Avatar image for Rahnyc4

<< LINK REMOVED >> everything cant be as great as steam and PC gaming. outside of that world people have to take what they can get, or mask in their mind services they assume is free and giving them games.

Avatar image for jayd02

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't get it. You pay one down payment and you get to play a load of games for free. You can play through the entire game without paying the full price for the game. Now that both Microsoft and Sony make it necessity to have their subscriptions in order to play online you will always have the subscription. Which means you will always have access to those games. Need I say more?

Avatar image for DeeMoney19

This whole self entitlement that people have is disgusting. You have summed it up perfectly. PS don't have to give people anything. People should be thankful for getting the opportunity to play something for free. I know I am.

Avatar image for gruoch1

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You don't need PS+ to play games on the PS4, only multiplayer. I also remember the days when us "old timers" couldn't even play online multiplayer at all.

Avatar image for zerohournow

<< LINK REMOVED >> I guess we are just old timers remembering the days when you didnt have to pay a monthly fee to use your video game system...If you like this better, enjoy.

Avatar image for Slim_Lyrics

<< LINK REMOVED >> What was that? Sorry i was too busy playing my free PS+ games.

Avatar image for Kooken58

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>What was that? Im too busy playing my Free games that I can keep on PC without having to pay a sub fee xD

Avatar image for Juan1988

Mercenary Kings is pretty good, specially with friends, but so far the games I am trully grateful to get with PS+ are Resogun and Outlast, they are stellar! It has not been 6 months and I am happy with PS+ games and even though the bad reviews I am hoping to get Knack too, it looks fun (just not good enough to pay $60).

I don't care about trolls who don't even own the system, I don't regret being an early adopter, it's something special for a console gamer and I got to play my favorite game of the year with better graphics than my X360, being a pirate never felt so damn good! <3 AC4.

Avatar image for C_A_G_E

<< LINK REMOVED >> See for me those two are just OK. Mercenary Kings and Don't Starve are at the top of my best free games list.